6-year-old’s honest drink reviews will shock you


This week, I was introduced to “The Shirley Temple King”, a kid who is going viral for some of the most adorable but honest reviews about the Shirley Temple drink.

6-year-old’s honest drink reviews?

A ‘Shirley Temple’ is a non-alcoholic mixed drink that is traditionally made with ginger ale and a splash of grenadine, and garnished with a maraschino cherry. 

According to People, “The Shirley Temple King”s real name is Leo Kelly, a six-year-old who resides in the US. 


Kelly’s popularity soared after Twitter user @chezspence shared a video of him with the caption “Just found this Instagram account that’s a kid who calls himself the Shirley Temple King and goes to restaurants and gives brutally honest reviews of their Shirley temples. it’s so pure and I love him so much.”


The tweet received over 2-million views. 

As seen on his Instagram account, Kelly travels around with his parents in search of the best Shirley Temple – and over 90 000 people are following him.


6-year-old’s honest drink reviews

He rates the drinks on his own scale of one to ten and also gives commentary on the grenade, cup choice, and cherries. His thirst has seen him rate anything from family friendly’s to 5-star restaurants, where he gives his most honest and thoughtful reviews.


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