7 Other Names Students Called “Apor” In High School

If you don’t know what apor is, then congratulations!!! You’re the model student every teacher talks about!!

Apor is always a necessity when it’s time for WASSCE and BECE because no one wants to be the student who failed the exam because he/she didn’t look at the leaked questions.

Most of us have always known it as apor but, turns out people in other schools had other interesting names for it!

1. Laga

It’s one very tough name you can ever think of in every SHS


Because just like dead meat attracts flies, that’s how apor attracts students.

3. Aduro

Because it can change your potential F9 to A1

7 Other Names Students Called “Apor”
7 Other Names Students Called “Apor”

4.Shin Guard

Because everyone needs extra protection before entering the dangerous exam zone

5. Jah

Because in the exam hall, only Jah can guide you

6. Weapon

Because for every battle, you need extra weapons!!!

7. Goods

Lmao this just sounds very illegal

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