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Studying in the United States is a dream for many international students, but the high cost of education can be a significant barrier.

However, there are several affordable universities with low tuition fees and easy entry requirements that provide quality education.

In this article, we’ll list some of these institutions and share tips on how international students can make their education more affordable in the US.

Low Tuition Universities In The USA For International Students (Between $3,000 And $20,000 Per Semester)

  1. Nicholls State University
    • Location: Thibodaux, Louisiana
    • Tuition: $4,482.90 for bachelor’s students, $4,440.36 for master’s students per semester.
  2. Eastern New Mexico University
    • Location: Portales, New Mexico
    • Tuition: $8,568 for undergraduates, $7,110 for graduate students annually.
  3. Brigham Young University
    • Location: Laie, Hawaii; Rexburg, Idaho; Provo, Utah
    • Tuition: $6,304 for undergraduate students, $14,636 for graduate students per semester in Utah.
  4. Bridgewater State University
    • Location: Bridgewater, Massachusetts
    • Tuition: $7,050 per semester for bachelor’s students, $488.50 per credit per hour for master’s students.
  5. Minnesota State University—Moorhead
    • Location: Moorhead, Minnesota
    • Tuition: $8,837 per semester for 12–18 credits.
  6. Mississippi University For Women
    • Location: Columbus, Mississippi
    • Tuition: $3,883 per semester for 9–13 credits.
  7. Southwest Minnesota State University
    • Location: Marshall, Minnesota
    • Tuition: $10,116 per year for bachelor’s students, $9,324 per year for master’s students.
  8. Delta State University
    • Location: Cleveland, Mississippi
    • Tuition: $4,217 per semester for 12–19 hours.
  9. Bemidji State University
    • Location: Bemidji, Minnesota
    • Tuition: $10,150 for two semesters.
  10. Henderson State University
    • Location: Arkadelphia, Arkansas
    • Tuition: $7,480 based on 15 hours per semester.
  11. South Dakota State University
    • Location: Brookings, South Dakota
    • Tuition: $5,642 based on 15 credits per semester.
  12. National Louis University
    • Location: Chicago, Illinois; Tampa, Florida
    • Tuition: $19,350 per year, based on 14–18 hours.

How International Students Can Make Their Education More Affordable In The US

  1. Stay in Student Dorms:
    • Benefit from all-inclusive amenities in first-year student residences.
  2. Prioritize Student Towns:
    • Choose colleges in small towns for a more connected campus experience.
  3. Seek Student Discounts:
    • Take advantage of discounts offered by various establishments for students.
  4. Buy Used Textbooks and Furniture:
    • Save money by purchasing used textbooks, furniture, or clothes from former students.
  5. Apply for Scholarships:
    • Many affordable universities offer scholarships for international students based on merit or need.
  6. Work Part-Time:
    • International students can work part-time on campus, filling roles such as tutors, receptionists, or sales assistants.
  7. Consider Long-Distance Learning:
    • Explore online study options to obtain a US degree without the need for physical presence.

Student Loan Options for International Students

If you still require additional funding, consider student loans from reputable providers such as MPower Finance and Prodigy Finance. These loans often do not require a cosigner or collateral, making them accessible to international students.

Studying in the United States doesn’t have to be financially burdensome. By choosing affordable universities, exploring funding options, and adopting cost-saving strategies, international students can pursue their academic dreams without breaking the bank. Start your journey to a US education today!

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