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Arts and Social Sciences Courses

Arts and Social Sciences Courses

Arts and Social Sciences

This faculty now offers you a wide choice of fields of study through its programmes – programmes that didn’t just happen overnight, but are based on a tradition of 138 years of developing very specific values such as respect for knowledge and thought, refinement of tastes, multilingualism, intellectual balance, tolerance and profoundness. They are geared for South Africa’s needs in the 21st century and abreast of the latest international thinking on the economic and social applicability of a training in literature, the arts and social sciences. These programmes will not only equip you to hold your own in a demanding labour market by providing you with a thorough knowledge of your subject, but will also teach you general skills such as thinking skills, communication skills, computer literacy and the ability to recognise and to solve problems. All our programmes are selection programmes. Where a programme has its own selection criteria, we mention them under the programme itself. The programme curricula are shown in the University Calendar Part 4.

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Extended degree programmes (EDPs)

Students are selected for the EDPs at the discretion of the Faculty. See page for more information on EDPs.

General Programmes

  • BA in Humanities
  • BA in Language and Culture
  • BA in Social Dynamics

Specialised Programmes

  • BA in Development and Environment
  • BA in Drama and Theatre Studies
  • BA in Human Resource Management
  • BA in International Studies
  • BA in Law
  • B of Music (BMus)
  • BA in Music
  • Diploma in Practical Music
  • Higher Certificate in Music
  • BA in Political, Philosophical and Economic Studies (PPE)
  • Programmes with Psychology
  • B of Social Work
  • BA in Socio-Informatics
  • BA in Sport Science
  • BA in Visual Arts

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