Bernie Sanders wins Nevada and heads to South Carolina


Bernie Sanders wins Nevada, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders won the Nevada caucuses accelerating the momentum that is making him increasingly hard to beat as the presidential nominating calendar speeds up.

Bernie Sanders wins Nevada?

Candidate% CtyDelDel.
Bernie Sanders54.2%4
Joe Biden18.0%0
Elizabeth Warren10.0%0
Pete Buttigieg8.7%0
Tom Steyer6.4%0
Amy Klobuchar2.7%0

After winning the popular vote in the first three contests, Sanders is in a strong position heading into next week’s primary in South Carolina and the Super Tuesday contests three days later.

His win comes as other candidates are stepping up their attacks on him and outside groups – including Republicans opposed to President Donald Trump – are warning that a Sanders’ nomination would put both the White House and Congress in jeopardy.


Bernie Sanders wins Nevada

Sanders was viewed as the favorite in Nevada with most of the speculation centered on who would come in second.

Super Tuesday on March 3 will be the first test for former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg who will not be on the ballot until March 3.

Biden looks ahead after finishing behind Sanders

Former Vice President Joe Biden addressed a crowd of supporters after Sen. Bernie Sanders was declared the winner of the Nevada caucuses, with Biden appearing to trail him by double digits, though it is too early to call a second-place finisher.


“I know we don’t know the final results yet, but I feel really good,” Biden said at his campaign event in Nevada.

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