Best Ghanaian Universities in 2021

Best Ghanaian Universities

The World Economic Forum ranked Ghana 46th out of 148 countries for education system quality. In 2010, Ghana’s literacy rate was 71.5%, with a notable gap between men (78.3%) and women (65.3%).

Best Ghanaian Universities

lets take a look at the best universities in Ghana.

List of Best Universities in Ghana

Although, Ghana has more than 65 Universities currently that offer top-notch education services to both national and international students, here is the ranking of Ghanaian universities from the 1st to the 40th.

Here is a list of Best Universities in Ghana

  • University of Ghana
  • Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
  • University of Cape Coast
  • University for Development Studies
  • The University of Education Winneba
  • University of Mines and Technology
  • Ashesi University College
  • Regent University College of Science and Technology
  • Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration
  • Garden City University College
  • Ghana Telecom University College
  • University of Health and Allied Sciences
  • Presbyterian University College Abetifi
  • Valley View University
  • University of Energy and Natural Resources
  • African University College of Communications
  • Central University
  • University of Professional Studies Accra
  • Koforidua Technical University
  • Kumasi Technical University
  • Ho Technical University Ho
  • Accra Technical University Accra
  • Methodist University College Ghana Accra
  • Wisconsin International University College Ghana Accra
  • Regional Maritime University Accra
  • Pentecost University College Accra
  • Christian Service University College Kumasi
  • Accra Institute of Technology Accra
  • Cape Coast Technical University Cape Coast
  • 30 Lancaster University, Ghana
  • Catholic University College of Ghana Sunyani
  • Ghana Institue of Journalism Accra
  • BlueCrest College Accra
  • Knutsford University Accra
  • Ghana Baptist University College Abuakwa-Kumasi
  • Sunyani Technical University Sunyani
  • National Film and Television Institute Accra
  • Takoradi Technical University Takoradi
  • Islamic University College Ghana Accra
  • Data Link Institute

Now, let’s look at the top 10 universities in Ghana according to their ranking factors.

Top Ten Universities in Ghana

Below is the list of our Top 10 best universities in Ghana in descending order.

10. Christian Service University College

Christian Service University College Ghana is located in Kumasi which is the second-largest city in Ghana. The university is ranked no 10 in our top ten universities in ghana ranking.

This institution was established in 1974 and since then, the institution seeks to be an internationally recognized academic center of excellence for Teaching and Research in Theology, Information technology, Business, and Liberal Arts.

The training is done in an ecumenical and sound ethical environment where persons of diverse backgrounds gather.

This has secured Christian Service University College a spot in our list of top universities in Africa.

9. Valley View University

Valley View University came into existence in 1979 as part of establishments made by the West African Union Mission of Seventh-day Adventists towards improving the literacy and education levels in Ghana.

The university was fully accredited in 1997 by the National Accreditation Board of Ghana thus allowing it to award her own degrees.

For this cause, Valley View University was the first private university in Ghana to be granted national accreditation.

Due to its high standards of learning, it serves students from all over the world.

8. University for Development Studies

The University for Development Studies (UDS) despite the fact that it was established in May 1992, has been ranked as one of Ghana’s best Universities.

With the motto “Knowledge for Service” as well as its methodology of teaching, research and outreach programs help them keep pushing up the ladder.

In 1993, it began its academic work and since then has always aimed to address and find solutions to the environmental problems and socio-economic deprivation that have characterized northern Ghana in particular.

The majority of these issues are found in rural areas throughout the country.

7. Presbyterian University College

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana is responsible for establishing one of the top-ranking universities in Ghana.

Since its establishment, the university has run with the vision to be an institution that blends and instills academic and professional excellence with an appreciation of cultural, environmental, technological, and globalization trends in the individuals who pass through it.

These include the reflection of Christian principles and values such as love, compassion, discipline, honesty, selflessness, and humility.

The impact that the school has made in such a time frame makes it part of our list of the top ten universities in Ghana.

6. Regent University College of Science & Technology

The Regent University College of Science and Technology (also known as Regent-Ghana) is an Accra based institution of higher learning.

Despite being a new university, Regent Ghana has had immeasurable success in academic excellence and records making it one of the best universities in Africa.

It was registered in September 2003 and was accredited to operate as a tertiary institution in 2004.

In January 2005, it started its maiden lectures with about 30 pioneer students at its maiden campus.

The institution has not failed in its mission to purpose-driven human resources committed to socio-economic and spiritual renewal, with science and technology expertise in a competitive global environment.

5. Ashesi University

Ashesi University is among the top ten universities in ghana that both national and international students can apply for.

The university started teaching students at the end of the first quarter of 2002 following its establishment with the aim to educate African leaders of exceptional integrity and professional ability.

The institution quickly gained a reputation for innovation and quality education in Ghana.

Applications to get into this institution stands at over 74% and it’s one reason its regarded as one of the best universities in Africa.

Ashesi, in addition to high standards of learning it has achieved is also able to cultivate within its students’ critical thinking skills, the concern for others and the courage it will take to transform a continent.

4. University of Education Winneba

The University of Education is a Ghanian higher institution of higher learning located at Winneba.

It was established with the aim of training teachers and professional educators for the Ghanaian education system charged with the duty to spearhead a new national vision in the Ghanian education sector.

This was totally aimed at redirecting Ghana’s efforts along the path of rapid economic and social development.

When it comes to academic research and web presence, the university is one of the best institutions in Ghana that encourages web publishing and research.

3. University of Cape Coast

The University of Cape Coast was established in October 1962 and started off as a University College but attained the status of a full and independent institution, fully accredited with the authority to confer its own degrees, diplomas, and certificates.

It is one of the top-ranking universities in Africa established with the aim to generate highly skilled and qualified individuals in education.

The University offers good leadership and enlightenment to the people of Ghana to help meet the manpower needs of the country’s accelerated education program.

It is ranked one of the top 10 Ghanaian universities due to its track record in research, training and producing highly successful individuals across the globe.

2. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology (KNUST) was founded by Kwame Nkrumah and established in 1952.

Since it started off as a University in Ghana, it has been on record as a first-class University in Ghana.

KNUST is a globally recognized university for being the premier center of excellence in Africa for courses in Science and Technology, research and entrepreneurship training for the development of Ghana and Africa.

Its rapid growth in research and enrolment made it just a position behind in our list of top universities in Africa.

1. The University of Ghana

The University of Ghana was established in 1948 when it was known as the University College of the Gold Coast and it is on record that the University of Ghana is the oldest and largest of Ghanaian universities and tertiary institutions.

From the time it was established, the institution was officially made an affiliated college of the University of London who supervised its academic programs and awarded its degrees.

It was until 1961 that it gained full university status and since then has continued to pioneer academic excellence and research in Ghana.

The University has since expanded on its original emphasis on liberal arts, basic science, agriculture, social sciences and medicine to include more vocational and technology-based courses.

It is no surprise that the University of Ghana is no 1 in the top ten universities in Ghana and no 14th in the top universities in Africa.

Through its Graduate school of nuclear and allied sciences at the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, it offers academic programs in nuclear sciences and is one of the very few to do so in Africa.

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