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Bolgatanga Technical University Admission Requirements 2022/2023

Bolgatanga Technical University,   will soon open their admission portals.

As you prepare to apply, it is important to take a critical look at their admission requirements.

This page will serve as a guide and increase your chances of getting admitted into the Bolgatanga Technical University.

General Admission requirements for  Bolgatanga Technical University.

Basically, Bolgatanga Technical University admits fresh students based on standardized general admission requirements.

For Diploma and post diploma programs, Bolgatanga Technical University  accepts from A1 to C6 only. 

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Passes, thus D7 or E8 may be considered for Certificate programs and other auxiliary programs.

Again, various programs at Bolgatanga Technical University have specific admission requirements for specific programs.

Check here to get a list of universities and their program specific requirements.

Also note that, you can still be given the opportunity to read your preferred program at legon with fee paying Once you have the minimum requirements.

To avoid wasting money on admission forms, always make sure you check for program specific admission requirements for your institution before applying to Bolgatanga Technical University.

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