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Digital skills for African students 2021/2022

It’s not easy combining work and study especially for students who are on limited finance.

To see that no side is affected, you either pick weekend jobs or get an online job which is one of the best ways of making money while studying.

The essence of working while still in school is to help you raise money to solve your financial needs.

Black students who need a means of survival will need to learn some digital skills. So, here are digital skills for African students.

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There are study and work opportunities available to students, however, if you check and see that it may affect your academic performance, a better option is getting some digital skills. It will not only earn some bucks, but you also get to enjoy financial freedom even after graduation as life after school cannot be predictable.

4 top digital skills for African students to make money from

  1. Graphic Designing

Graphics designing is one of the most sought-after jobs that can be done online or offline. African students can learn about graphic design. It is lucrative and gives you chance to still perform well academically.

You can work from anywhere as a graphic designer.

Interestingly. You can continue as a graphic designer even after leaving school. You will need to master the use of Corel draw, PowerPoint, and Photoshop. You can continue even after leaving school. There’re online courses you can start with or you look around to learn it offline.

2. Web development

Web development is one of the in-demand skills to learn today. Your programming skills can be used to create jobs for yourself and others. There are different programming languages to learn such as Python, Go, Swift, Kotlin, C/C++, and, C#. You can work from the comfort of your zone and still do well in your academics. There’re online courses to learn web development. You can choose from Udemy or Coursera.

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3. Content development

Curating content for blogs, or websites can be a means of livelihood for you. You can start without owning a blog. Start by writing for individuals, and corporate sites, and if there is a need to own one, create one. To own a blog, you have to buy a domain name and get a hosting plan. To run this effectively, hire writers to write on the blog daily, but if you don’t have money to pay writers, then you should be doing the writing. You may choose to have a blog centred on any of these niches

  • Education
  • Real estate
  • Fashion
  • Agriculture
  • Auto
  • Travel.

4. Information marketing

Despite being a student, you can achieve this. Information marketing is about selling vital information. Interestingly, this can be done online and you can work from anywhere. As an information marketer, you also invest in big information marketing companies.


You can make money as a student while studying but make sure you balance both sides.

Leaning a digital skill and working online helps you to cover your finances while studying and, also, have the opportunity of creating a job for yourself. When deciding on a skill to choose, check your passion for the field, availability to learn the skill.

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