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Dr. Samuel Sarpong to partner Mahama for 2021 election

Dr. Samuel Sarpong to partner Mahama

Former Ashanti Regional Minister and former Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) Chief Executive, Samuel Sarpong, to partner Mahama to claim power from the current government.

Hon. Samuel Sarpong was rumored to be leveraging on that new role to effectively bring the Running Mate position to Ashanti, partly because he consistently attacked the NPP government for doing nothing in the region and dared their regional executives to accept a public debate on his claim.

Dr. Samuel Sarpong to partner Mahama

Dr. Samuel Sarpong to partner Mahama

A through and through Ashanti, Hon Sarpong contested for the Nhyiaeso Parliamentary seat on behalf of the NDC in 2016. He is a well-known NDC name in Kumasi and has that city in his palm. Samuel Sarpong a former Ashanti Regional Officer for the former Serious Fraud Office (now Economic and Organised Crime Office) was a President JEA Mills strongman in Kumasi and enjoyed four years of uninterrupted reign as Mayor of Kumasi.

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As the Ashanti Regional Minister, Hon Sarpong had serious clashes with his deputy, Joseph Yammin, leading to their joint removal from office. Dr. Sarpong however found favor from President Mahama who re-appointed him into government to go manage the State Housing Company. He has had his fair share of clashes with both NDC and NPP party people in Kumasi, however his selection as NDC’s Vice Presidential Candidate for the 2021 elections will be an interesting pick.

Dr. Samuel Sarpong to partner Mahama


Looking at the 2016 election results, the NDC risks another defeat if it allows the Ashanti Region to give 77% of Ashanti Region votes to NPP. Below is the break down and analysis of votes from NDC and NPP strongholds per the 2016 election results, indicating the importance of Ashanti Region to whoever will the 2021 election.

Volta – (NDC) 629,398 – 135,077 (NPP) = 494,321 for NDC.

Northern – (NDC) 521,850 – 398,384 (NPP) = 123,466 for NDC.

Upper East – (NDC) 273,193 – 157,607 (NPP) = 115,586 for NDC.

Upper West – (NDC) 153,338 – 96,762 (NPP) = 56,576 for NDC.

Total of the difference in these four NDC regions —-

494,321 + 123,466 + 115,586 + 56,567 = 789,940

Difference between NPP and NDC in Ashanti Region —

Ashanti – (NPP) 1,647,274 – 497,235 (NDC) = 1,150,039 for NPP.

So, NDC beat NPP in those four regions they always win by a gap of 789,940, while Ashanti Region alone gave NPP a gap of 1,150,039 and when compared with the NDC strongholds, NPP has 360,099 votes surplus. Ashanti NPP votes alone wipes all of NDC’s gains in Volta, Northern and Upper East and West Regions with a change of over 360,099 votes which is even bigger than the gain of 280,000 votes NPP beat NDC in Eastern Region. Meaning, without the margin from NPP stronghold of Eastern Region, the NPP could have still won 2016 elections with 360,099 votes difference. This is how much the votes from the Ashanti region can do.

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