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electricity pole price in ghana

Electricity Company Of Ghana

Here are details on Getting your new house connected to the national Grid in Ghana,

Electricity Connection Price In Ghana

An inspection team will visit and survey the site for information that will be needed for the provision of a quotation or estimate.

If the necessary conditions are satisfied, the customer will be called when the quotation for the cost of electricity supply is ready.

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A request for electricity supply that involves more than 2 poles is considered as a development project and will require engineering studies.

Electricity Pole Price In Ghana

Subject to the full payment of the quotation by the prospective customer, ECG will then get you connected.
The approved costs for the various types of service connection are provided below for the guidance of prospective customers:

Here are the Prices of Electricity Pole in Ghana,

1 – Phase3 – Phase
Straight Service400.00700.00
1 – Pole Extension2,400.004,000.00
2 – Pole Extension4,200.007,000.00
Separate Meter82.25176.00
Additional Load (upgrade to 3-phase)                         500.00

The above charges are VAT/NHIL inclusive.

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