By | November 13, 2023

Enchi College of Education Leads In CEMIS Implementation

The Management of Enchi College of Education has taken the lead in the roll-out of the College of Education Management Information System (CEMIS). In a Facebook post on the College’s Facebook wall monitored by the News Desk of the Colleges of Education Weekly Journal, the College has undertaken the deployment and configuration of CEMIS which was observed by the College Principal, Mr. Philip Ntaah and other senior officers including Mr. Jacob Akunor, Head of IT at National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE).

The National Council for Tertiary Education seeks to develop and implement an      n-tiermanagement information system for the administration, management, delivery of learning and teaching in the various Colleges of Education; CEMIS. The CEMIS shall be futuristic in design to accommodate data on a minimum of one hundred (100) tertiary institutions and two million and five hundred (2,500,000) students. It shall take into consideration the varying level of Internet connectivity in the 46 public Colleges of Education which currently is between very low (128Kb/s) to medium (512Kb/s).  The CEMIS shall have the capacity to provide live statistical data on the Colleges of Education and business intelligence support to the NCTE and the Ministry of Education i.e. Government of Ghana to inform policy interventions.

CEMIS is a critical and necessary support infrastructure for the development of the 46 public Colleges of Education into fully functioning tertiary institutions. For this reason, NCTE has requested funding through the T-TEL project for the development of a CEMIS for use by all 46 public Colleges of Education to improve policy and planning, monitoring and evaluation, and decision making. Essentially, the CEMIS is expected to enhance information management by serving as:

Enchi College of Education Leads In CEMIS Implementation

Enchi College of Education Leads In CEMIS Implementation
Enchi College of Education Leads In CEMIS Implementation
  1. A learning and teaching management tool across all Colleges of Education with the ability to integrate extensively with open source and proprietary systems.
  2. A Wide Area Network (WAN) solution (intranet) with limited reliance on the internet.
  3.  An online platform that improves the visibility, availability, and cross-sharing of resources among the teacher education community in Ghana.
  4. A tool for real-time reporting on all aspects of the Colleges of Education.
  5. A repository for data collection, processing, analysing, and reporting of Colleges information including leadership, trainees/students, tutors and staff, enrolments, finance, and teaching resources including quality assurance.
  6. A robust business intelligence tool for futuristic analysis and projections to support national policies and strategies
  7. A tool to further enhance monitoring of staff professional development and student teaching practice.

CEMIS as a data collection, analysis, presentation, and management system, is to enable Colleges to seamlessly report to NCTE on their activities – learning, teaching, and institutional management. Therefore, the integration of CEMIS in the Colleges will enhance the timeliness and quality of annual reports including financial analysis to NCTE and Government of Ghana.

Also, within the mandate of NCTE, as stipulated in ACT 454 of 1993, CEMIS shall enable NCTE to carry out its policy oversight responsibility of the Colleges of Education more effectively. Such responsibilities include making recommendations on national standards and norms on College staff, costs, accommodation, and time utilization, for the approval of the Minister of Education. The CEMIS will enable NCTE to monitor more effectively the implementation of approved national standards, norms and policies, and norms by the Colleges of Education.

CEMIS shall enable NCTE to improve on the quality and effectiveness of its data collection, transfer, and management. The current practice of manually collecting data from Colleges of Education on application for admission figures, enrolment, budget, financial statement, staff bio, and qualification information is no longer tenable. The delays and accuracy of data collected through the manual system affect the quality of policies formulated based on such information in addition to delays in making accurate funding decisions and advising the Minister of Education accordingly. 

CEMIS will bring improvement in:

  • Financial Management and reporting at the Colleges of Education to include procurement planning and tracking
  • Quality Assurance Systems, accountability and improvement planning among the Colleges of Education and regulatory agencies such as NCTE and NAB
  • Validity and reliability of students’ assessment data – transparency, tracking of students’ performance and their progress over time
  • Data collection, analysis, reporting and decision making to support policymaking at the national level
  • Learning outcomes supported by easy access to teaching and learning materials, research papers and course materials by student teachers and staff
  • Monitoring the implementation of approved policies by NCTE