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Fidelity set out to become a world-class financial institution that provides superior returns for all stakeholders. People who are professional and proactive, state of the art technology, exceptional Corporate Governance standards, good knowledge of the Local Market, and above all, a Customer-Centric Culture.

Fidelity Bank Ghana

Fidelity commenced business in October 1998 as a Discount House. Fidelity Discount House attracted a rich client base and was noted for its innovative and attractive investment product offerings, making her the discount house of choice. With the quality of services offered, our customers requested for a deeper and richer business relationship, making it logical to move into the banking sector. On the 28th of June 2006, we obtained a universal banking license.

We have since become a household name in Ghana by delivering on our promise to make a difference in the lives of our stakeholders (shareholders, employees, customers, regulators, and community as a whole).

We carefully handpicked and groomed a team of high caliber professionals with diverse skills and experience; invested heavily in technology and training to ensure that we are at par with the best in the world. We continually offer a comprehensive range of innovative products and services to meet the banking and financial needs of our existing and potential customers.   Fidelity Bank is contributing its quota to the development of the banking industry and by extension the Ghanaian economy.

Within six months of opening our doors for business, we had already broken even, a remarkable feat that set the stage for our expansion which can be found not only in our steadily growing network of branches, mobile banking platform and in our solid base of satisfied customers, but in the various awards we have garnered in the industry for customer service, digital product offerings, trade deals, human resource, corporate social responsibility, and overall best bank. We have won more than 60 awards for excellence since our inception.

In delivering on her promise to affect the community, on the 1st of October 2014, the Bank acquired ProCredit Savings and Loans Company Limited (PCSL) from ProCredit Holding Germany (PCH) and the DOEN Foundation of the Netherlands. PCSL was a non-bank financial institution that provided savings and lending services to its individual, small, and medium enterprise clients.

The continued growth of the Bank culminated in the establishment of Fidelity Asia Bank Limited (FABL) in Labuan, Malaysia in July 2012 as a wholly owned Asian subsidiary in Malaysia. FABL carries on the business of offshore banking.

Investment banking has always been a key pillar in the overall strategy of the bank, thus, Fidelity Securities Limited (FSL), a fully owned subsidiary of the bank, was incorporated as the investment banking arm of the bank. Formerly known as Fidelity Asset Management, FSL’s business involves providing advisory services, issuing of securities, raising of capital and undertaking portfolio investment management for clients.

Is Fidelity Bank an international bank?

Formerly known as Fidelity Asset Management, FSL’s business involves providing advisory services, issuing of securities, raising of capital and undertaking portfolio investment management for clients. Currently, a tier 1 bankFidelity is committed to becoming a top 3 bank in Ghana with international standards.

Is Fidelity Bank a government bank?

As the largest privately owned Ghanaian bankFidelity Bank Ghana Ltd. … The Public Sector Group is therefore responsible for establishing and nurturing banking relationships with key players in the public sector space.

Is Fidelity a Ghanaian bank?

Fidelity Bank is a commercial bank in Ghana which was issued with its Universal Banking License on June 28, 2006, making it the 22nd bank to be licensed by the Bank of Ghana. … Fidelity Bank is headquartered in Accra, at Ridge Towers.

Which country owns Fidelity Bank?

The Bank is owned by Ghanaian individuals, other institutional investors and its senior executives. The Bank was formerly Fidelity Discount House, the leading discount house in Ghana. After operating profitably for 8 years, the business environment in the country attracted investors to the idea of establishing a bank.

Who is owner of Fidelity Bank?

Nnamdi J Okonkwo

Nnamdi J Okonkwo, Fidelity Bank PLC: Profile and Biography – Bloomberg Markets.

Currently, a tier 1 bank, Fidelity is committed to becoming a top 3 bank in Ghana with international standards. 

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