CHECK HERE:GES Reveals Number Of Teachers To Recruit In 2021

The Ghana Education Service (GES) will by the end of this year recruit about 93,724 teachers from colleges of education and universities to serve at respected areas in the country, Prof. Kwasi-Opoku said on Monday.

Speaking to the Daily Graphic Newspaper, the Director-General of the Ghana Education Service (GES) said his outfit has begun the recruitment of 16,500 trained teachers who completed Colleges of Education in 2019.

He furthered that after the recruitment of those from the Colleges of Education, the next batch will be for those who from the universities who did Education and had completed their 1 year mandatory national service.

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Introduce In-In-Out-Out Policy in Colleges of Education To Increase Access

According to him, the university graduates will be considered for recruitment into service to teach in various Senior High Schools (SHS), while the third batch will be the non-teaching category until the end of 2021

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