Ghana Armed Forces Medicals List

Ghana Armed Forces Medicals List, Here is all you need to know the list

The Fourth Phase of Ghana Armed Forces GAF Recruitment is Medicals Screening, Applicants who pass the aptitude test are invited to do their medical examinations.

It is prudent that your health status is taken into consideration before you are considered to be part of the Ghana armed forces.

Ghana Armed Forces Medicals List is a list of applicants who have successfully passed preliminary requirements and stands a chance to be recruited in to the Ghana Armed Forces provided their health conditions is ok.

However, Your name appearing on the Ghana Armed Forces Medicals List does not mean you have been recruited.

Numerous applicants may be rejected due to delicate or mild health issues.

After this medical examination, qualified applicants list is released.

Successful applicants will receive further instructions

Ghana Armed Forces Medicals List

Here is how to Check Ghana Armed Forces GAF Medicals List with

If you find your name on the list of the medical, Congratulation you have made it to Ghana Armed Forces GAF Recruitment.

About Ghana Armed Forces

In 1879 the Gold Coast Constabulary was established from personnel of the Hausa Constabulary of Southern Nigeria, to perform internal security and police duties in the British colony of the Gold Coast. In this guise, the regiment earned its first battle honor as part of the Ashanti campaign.

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