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Guide to Apply for Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund)

Apply for Education Trust Fund (GETFund)

The Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund) is a public sector agency established by an Act of Parliament to assist nationwide with the financing of education; to provide for the management of the fund and to provide for related matters.

If you want to learn how to apply for the government Education Trust Fund (GETfund), here are some basic steps to keep in mind.

Step 1 the first thing is an official advert in the major print media

The Ministry of Education in Ghana will run an official advert in the major print media of national coverage calling for Educational agencies and institutions for which the Ministry of Education (MoE) has oversight and supervisory responsibility from pre-tertiary to the tertiary level to apply for government Education fund through. When you are applying for Education trust Fund you Must Know that process starts from the local village level or Municipality , so make sure you know what to do and where to start.

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Step 2 Check out the eligibility requirements.

Find out if you are eligible to apply for the grant and make a complete list of what you need in order to avail for government Trust Fund.
If you are eligible then pick the application form from Education trust fund at 42nd 4th Close Airport Residential Area Accra Ghana. Fill the application form and always submit a complete application and make sure it is on time. If you lack requirements, all your efforts maybe put to waste and your application denied. After you have submitted everything to the concerned agencies

Step 3 Choose the right project for Education funding

Grants may not be available the whole year round, so make sure you are still within the period where grant applications are accepted. Keep in mind that Educational projects with community impact is often a good project for government funding, but of course, it does not always follow that they are the only ones being approved. Do your research on the past government-funded projects and learn from them.

Step 4 Learn about the different types of Educational Trust funds available:

Educational trust Funds are often divided into categories such as Grants for Annual Best Teacher Award, Grants to Students Loan Scheme, educational Trust Funds grants for Provision of Computers and other Equipment for Tertiary institutions or research grants, Construction of dormitory blocks for Secondary Schools or grants given for the conservation of the environment, Grant for Payment of school Text Books and many others. If you already have your existing project and you are just aiming to get additional funding, then you might want to check out which type of grant your project will fall in.

Step 5 Prepare your well-written grant proposal:

Your grant proposal will contain everything about your project or what you intend to do with the funding you can avail from the government. One of the keys to learning how to apply for government grants is to learn to write a good grant proposal. Of course, your proposal will be the basis of the approval of your grant.

Step 6 Prepare your project’s budgetary requirement:

Although you are asking for funding, it can be impressive for any funding agency or, in this case, the government to see your part or your contribution in the attainment of that project. If you don’t have an amount of cash as counterpart, then you can also present your labor and other resources as your budgetary counterpart in the fulfillment of the project. Of course, you don’t have to rely everything to the funding you will receive.

Step 7 Always submit a complete application and make sure it is on time:

If you lack requirements, all your efforts maybe put to waste and your application denied. After you have submitted everything to the Education Trust Fund (GETFund) or concerned agencies, you can now then wait for the notification of approval of your grant.

Education Trust Fund (GETFund) Required Documents

i) Copies of registration of the institution.

ii) Bank details of the institution

iii) A letter from the ministry of education supporting the institution

iv) A copy of a document identifying the applicant

v) Three recent passport photographs.

vi) Chart of prescribed fees.

vii) Cover letter form local Authorities

viii) Cover letter from the District Chief Executives from the Local District of origin.

Education Trust Fund (GETFund) Office Locations & Contacts

Ghana Education Trust fund.

Contact Address:

P.O.Box MB 254, Accra

42nd 4th Close

Airport Residential Area Accra Ghana

Phone: +233 302 776595,+233 302 762531

Fax: 233 302 762558

Mobile: 233 27 0762558

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