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Ghana Government Laptops For Teachers

President Akufo-Addo initially made the announcement of the Ghanaian government’s plans to procure some 280,000 TM1 laptops for teachers to augment their work in his State of the Nation.

The Vice President also announced recent decisions taken by the government to make the teaching profession attractive.

Ghana Government Laptops For Teachers

Here are the Specs of Ghana Government Laptops For Teachers,

  1. Celeron 4020 processor (equivalent to Core i3 Intel processor; Core i3 are known to be lower tiered processors but highly energy efficient )
  2. Internal memory: 500GB
  3. RAM : 4GB (Very ok by today’s standards)
  4. Graphics: UHD 600
  5. Battery : 10000mAH (Quite long lasting in places with limited electricity backup)
  6. The laptops comes equipped with include a sample of lesson notes, the scheme of learning, curriculum from KG to SHS, Labour act, code of conduct, the education bill, teacher standards, textbooks, Ghana’ constitution, et’al.
  7. Teacher unions went in for a laptop that performs basic tasks thrown at it.
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