Ghana National Petroleum Corporation – GNPC Scholarship 2021/2022

Ghana National Petroleum Corporation – GNPC Scholarship 2021/2022

The Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) is delighted to call for applications from eligible Ghanaian students for the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation – GNPC Scholarship 2021/2021, The GNPC Scholarship is available for Ghanaian students that are in pursuit of their undergraduate and graduate program across Ghanaian Universities.

Settle down and go through the scholarship this meet be the opportunity you have been looking for to move your career forward. The World Scholarship Forum team has arranged all the details you need to win the GNPC Scholarship 2021/2022. Hurry and apply right now!

About Ghana National Petroleum Corporation

The Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) is the state agency responsible for the exploration, licensing, and distribution of petroleum-related activities in Ghana. The corporation was established in 1983 to replace the Petroleum Department which was an agency under the Ministry of Fuel and Power.

The department was responsible for the importation of crude oil and petroleum products for the Ghanaian economy. The mandate for oil exploration was held to be the Technical Directorate of the Ministry of Fuel and Power and the Geological Survey Department. The corporation was created to promote the Government of Ghana’s objective of supplying adequate and reliable petroleum for the country and the discovery of crude oil in the country’s territories.

The corporation has amongst its functions to promote petroleum exploration activities, to appraise existing petroleum discoveries, to ensure that Ghana benefits the most from the development of the country’s petroleum resources. The corporation promotes the training of Ghanaians in petroleum-related activities and ensures environmental protection in all petroleum-related activities.

Apart from the petroleum-related services, GNPC has also continuously carried out her corporate social responsibility amongst which includes the provision of scholarships to students across Ghana to pursue their education to a higher level in the various area of study.

Why Ghana National Petroleum Corporation(GNPC) Scholarship 2021

The GNPC scholarship is a full scholarship to Ghanaian students that have gotten admission into Ghanaian Public Tertiary Institutions across Ghana but also needs Financial support. Women in Engineering and Geosciences or have gained admission to read Degree/Postgraduate degree Programmes in Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Agricultural Sciences,

Special Education, Environment, Health and Sanitation, Other important aspects will include women in engineering, brilliant and needy students, physically challenged as well as, oil and gas-related courses pursuant get to enjoy some preference during the selection process.

The GNPC Scholarship, according to a statement signed and issued by the state oil company, covers tuition, living expenses, book allowance and dissertation/project allowance for qualified students.

GNPC scholarship 2021 Requirements and Eligibility Criteria:

Applicant must:

Be Ghanaian,
Not be over 35 years by 1st October 2021
Have obtained admission to undertake an Undergraduate, Masters or Ph.D. degree program in a Ghanaian Public University at the time of application
Ghana National Petroleum Corporation-GNPC Scholarship 2021/2022 – Preference
Preference would be given to:

Degree programs in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM); Environment, Health &Sanitation, Special Education and Agricultural Sciences
Women in Engineering
Brilliant but needy students
Physically Challenged
Oil and Gas related courses
Science, Technology, and Engineering
Special Education

How to Apply for the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation-GNPC Scholarship 2021

Applicants who want to apply for their scholarship are to get and fill the GNPC scholarship form on the GNPC website-

The Ghana National Petroleum Corporation-GNPC Scholarship Application Form

GNPC Scholarship 2021 Application Link

Application letter including Admissions letter from the school, Contact e-mail and phone number of the applicant should be sent by email to SCHOLARSHIPS@GNPCGHANA.COM.

There you have it, the details you need to participate in the GNPC Scholarship 2021/2022, don’t just read and pass, make an effort by applying for the scholarship.

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