Harvard Kennedy School 2021-2022 Dubin Graduate Fellowship for Emerging Leaders (US)

Dubin Fellows are entering master’s degree students at Harvard Kennedy School who have demonstrated strong character, academic excellence, the ability to thrive and lead in the face of adversity, and a commitment to making a transformative impact on the communities they serve.

This fellowship is open to students entering their first year of study in any of the Harvard Kennedy School’s master’s degree programs.Both domestic and international students are eligible to apply.

About Harvard Kennedy School

Since its founding in 2000 with a generous gift from Leslie and Abigail Wexner, the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard Kennedy School has worked to prepare its students to exercise leadership in a world responding to a rapidly expanding array of economic, political, and social challenges.

Aim and Benefits of School Dubin Graduate Fellowship

  • Dubin Fellows are awarded a scholarship up to full tuition and health fees for up to two years, depending on the length of their graduate degree program.
  • Fellows are eligible for a stipend up to $5000 to support unpaid summer internships or professional development.
  • Successful applicants will demonstrate their potential as emerging leaders by evidencing strong character, excellent academic credentials, a commitment to pursue a career with transformative impact on society, and the ability to thrive and lead in the face of adversity.
  • Dubin Fellows will participate in a robust cocurricular program offered by the Center for Public Leadership.

Requirements for School Dubin Graduate Fellowship Qualification

  • Award decisions will be primarily merit-based but with a consideration of financial need as determined by the HKS Student Financial Services.
  • Two-year degree program students will receive funding for both academic years, as well as support for unpaid summer internships, contingent upon the successful completion of year one.
  • Active participation in the cocurricular program is a requirement of all fellows for the duration of their award.
  • This opportunity is open to domestic and international students entering any of Harvard Kennedy School’s master’s degree programs.

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Application Deadline

Not Specified

How to Apply

Interested and qualified? Go to Harvard Kennedy School on www.hks.harvard.edu to apply

Step 1: Apply to Harvard Kennedy School: Application deadline is early December, 2021.

Step 2: Apply for the Fellowship: Application deadline for the Dubin Fellowship is early February, 2021.

Applicants must submit:

  1. A biographical profile, not to exceed 150 words
  2. A document containing written responses to two essay prompts related to their leadership in the face of adversity and what its important lessons and outcomes were.

For more details, visit  Harvard Kennedy website.

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