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How To Request For NTC Exams Remarking

Here is a guide on How To Request For NTC Exams Remarking

Steps To Request For NTC Exams Remarking

Any candidate that feels they have been cheated can challenge their results by applying for remarking. The NTC remarking will follow the procedures below

NTC Remarking Procedures

  1. Answer booklet of an applicant will be juxtaposed to the marking scheme in the applicant’s presence.
  2. The leadership of TTAG will be invited to witness the remarking for any applicant.

NTC Exams Remarking Registration

  1. Procedure for remarking include are as follows; writing official letter to the Registrar of NTC requesting for your scrip(s) to be remarked where an amount of six hundred Ghana cedis (Gh600.00) will be paid into NTC account as remarking fee.
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Eligibility for Main Licensure Examination

  1. All Prospective candidates who hold the Diploma in Basic Education (DBE), Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) or a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), M.Ed and are desirous of seeking employment as teachers.
  2. All the above-mentioned candidates who completed in 2020 or before 2021 qualify to write the examination at a Regional Centre of your choice

Candidates who have written the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination and are not successful, as well as fresh candidates, can register.

  1. Fees for registration:
  2. Fresh candidates are required to pay GHȻ 280.00 to register for the examination
  • Candidates who are re-sitting are to pay GHȻ150.00 for one (1) Re-sit paper
  • Candidates who are re-sitting two (2) papers are to pay GHȻ250.00
  • Candidates who are re-sitting all the three (3) papers are to pay GHȻ 280.00
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