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How disappointing do you feel when you fail mathematics exams? Passing mathematics examas is no big deal provided you adhere to the necessary precautions. In this post ghspeaks is going to give you a break down of how mathematics examsa are usually marked.
This is how examiners award marks

1. Marks are subdivided into a. Method (M) b. Accuracy (A) c. Independent accuracy marks not preceded by M mark (B)

2 . The M is given for a particular stage if the method used is correct. That is if correctly done without numerical errors with the right answer. M marks are not divided again and unless the M marks for a stage have been awarded no A marks can be gained for that stage.

3. Examiners will deduct 2 marks if you misinterpret and present the data given falsely. 4. Examiners will deduct 1 mark for an answer not provided to the level of accuracy asked for.

5. Deductions at 3 i and 4 above shall not be more than once on each occasion in one question

6. 1 mark may be deducted for premature approximations which do not in anyway simplify the subsequent work buy the Deductions can only be made from A or B marks and not from M marks.

7. Examiners may not give zero for results obtained from work they cannot account for or which is suppressed and 1 mark is deductible for any relevant step ommited.

8. Once a correct answer is written, examiners will not consider any further workings !

9. For geometric proofs 1 mark is deductible for missing of relevant workings or for a incorrect reasons given.

10. 1 mark may be deducted for missing of units or for wrong units. But this may be once in a quetion.

11. If one question is attempted on more than one occasion the solution with the best mark is awarded to student, but SOS (see other solutions) may be written against the others

12. If more questions are solved than the number required, the questions with the lowest marks are ignored however, MQA meaning MORE QUESTIONS ANSWERED will be written by the examiner to indicate he was aware while marking.

13. Other methods of solving questions that are not in the marking scheme may be accepted and marks awarded accordingly.

14. The overall total is 100 marks and may be rounded upwards to the nearest whole number



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