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Job Linq Africa

Job Linq Africa is a private company in Ghana which provides recruitment services to Local and International market. The original company was Saron Company Limited and has now been absorbed by Job Linq Africa.

The company was established in 2006 and has been engaged in representing international companies in Ghana as well as undertaking large – scale recruitment of skilled and semi – skilled Ghanaians, Togolese, Gambians , Sierra Leoneans , Ivorians and Guinea for international companies.

Advocacy And Promotional Role

The relevance of Job Linq Africa is rooted in its desire to organize, represent and promote the interest of the investor from platform of safe investment. In pursuit of the corporate objective, Job Linq Africa has developed advocacy and promotional tools to ensure the smoothness of operation of the companies that it represents.

Job Linq Africa undertake to handle all the protocol needs of the foreign investor, including the arrangement of the basic facilities needed for business in Ghana and surrounding countries through the provision of personnel and managerial support when required

Prospects For The Future

With its experience in handling major international manpower services, Job Linq Africa has developed the capability to operate in a multinational environment and serve the interest of major national and international concerns. The Company believes that a major factor in operating in the national and international environment relates to an understanding of people cultures, and system, a resource that Job Linq Africa has gradually developed.

The Business Environment In Ghana

Job Linq Africa Services

The business environment in Ghana has come to cater for private business as corporate taxes have been reduced, import and export regulations streamlined, and a liberal; regime of foreign exchange established.

Job Linq Africa Contact Details

Head Office
Akwaboa House 386b Mukose Road |Demond Bus Stop North Kaneshi, Accra-Ghana.
(+233) 209 977 632 |209 977 635 | 209 977 636 | 209 977 634 | 56 111 1308 | 56 111 1309 | 26 6297 597 | 50 1335 108

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