Most Ghanaian science teachers lack practical capabilities and are theory based


Most Ghanaian science teachers lack practical capabilities,Ghanaian science students and stake holders over the years complained bitterly about how the entire educational system in Ghana is theory based, the little practical aspects in both basic and secondary school curriculum also ends up  being explained as theories by teachers.

This has made Ghanaian students, especially those learning the sciences to be loaded with theories and have nothing to offer if practicals are involved.

Most Ghanaian science teachers lack practical capabilities

Little efforts have being made, science practical questions in BECE examinations are just diagrams printed with no relia to make students demonstrate their knowledge, instead pupils are expected to keep chunks of formulae and theories in their brains and provide them during examination, score good grades and thus all.  The theories learned has no impact on our lives thereafter.


This is as a result  from the illustration below

Students=teachers=colleges/universities of education=Government

The Ghanaian Government has generally failed to realize the great need to invest more into the practical nature of the future human resource. Colleges or universities of education lack adequate logistics and resources persons to train science teachers. I am training in college to become a science teacher yet haven’t received any intensive practical tuition in the branches of science, my practical experience in senior high school is 110% Good than what I saw in receiving training as a science teacher.


More amazingly, several educational reforms have emerged recently and none seems to focus on intensive practicals in Ghanaian educational systems.

It obvious the Curriculum planners them self have no idea about the practicals in science curriculum/syllabus for basic schools in Ghana. Students graduate from junior high school not doing a single practicals in science.

With the advancement  science and technology worldwide, Ghana seems to careless.

Major science  practicals in the basic school curriculum in Ghana can be done with improvised materials in our environments.

It rather surprising the Educational ministry in Ghana left practical issues at basic schools to be teachers only.

The popular science and maths quiz in Ghana has no segment for display of practical knowledge, students are only hailed for the therioes they have intentionally memorized over time in preparation for the quiz.

Other countries even in Africa have started pushing more resources in to practicals in basic schools.

Here is an amazing video from my school St Francis college of education where improvised materials from the environment was used to create and demonstrate the Gas thermometer.

Most Ghanaian science teachers lack practical capabilities

It will yield good results if the Government, through the ministry of education can introduce practical lessons and provide enough logistics for basic schools.

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