NSS Branded Cloth : A Necessity or Extortion


Ghana’s major disease holding us back is misplaced priorities. A misplaced priority in governance has found its way to the national executive of the NSS. Why should monies be deducted from the meager allowance of service personnel for cloths and Lacoste that the majority will not even wear? This is a sad illustration of misplaced priority.

In this COVID-19 stricken era where getting a 3 square meal to eat has become very difficult for some section of people in this country, the hopes of almost every national service personnel are on the monthly allowance they receive.

The cloth and Lacoste are imposed on the service personnel who are almost done with the mandatory service, and the money deducted from the personnel allowances. This deduction is unlawful, unfair, fraudulent, and illegal with the intention to steal from the national service personnel.

NSS Branded Cloth

Ghana as a nation needs to sit up and change our ways of doing things, a nation known as one of the earliest to gain independence in Africa has nothing to show but corruption every year.

Why should monies be deducted for something which is not even a necessity in these hard times, all our leaders are interested in making huge monies without thinking about the welfare of their people.

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