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NTC Exams Remarking Procedures

NTC Exams Remarking Procedures

The National Teaching Council (NTC) Examinations Remarking Procedures for 2021/2022, Prospective Teachers has been released, those who are not satisfied with the result can call for remark.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to request for NTC professional licensure examination remarking.

NTC Exams Remarking Procedures

Once a candidate write a letter to the registrar at NTC and makes the necessary payment, a series of things will be done to allow your scripts to be remarked

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  • Answer booklet of an applicant will be compared to the marking scheme in the applicant’s presence.
  • The leadership of TTAG will be invited to witness the remarking for any applicant.

Once the remarking is done, the new results and analysis of the results will be showed to the candidate and his original results corrected.

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