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Details on NTC licensure examination Registration for March 2021.

NTC licensure examination Registration for March 2021

The examination will be conducted for new entrants and those who failed any of the papers in the previous exams held in September 2020. 

Prior to the examination, the NTC exams portal will open to receive applications from qualified candidates.

Students who graduated from colleges of education, UCC, Winneba on the regular or distant program with a degree or diploma in education are qualified to partake in the exams. 

Once the portal for application is opened, purchase your pincode  via bank or MOMO and register.

Take note that NTC pin code  can only be used three times. Be sure to login and register before exhausting your three slots.

When all the three slots are exhausted, you will pay an amount to get additional slots. 


Centre’s for the examination will be selected during registration but are subjected to changes before the exams. 

Once you register, the next step is to prepare yourself for the exams. 

NTC licensure examination Registration for March 2021
NTC licensure examination Registration for March 2021

Here is a list of past questions for all the three subjects. 

  1. Numeracy
  2. Literacy
  3. Essential skills

Keep your pincode safely as it is the primary details for checking your NTC licensure results and printing your  certificate.

NTC licensure examination Registration for March 2021

  1. How can I get NTC certificate online?

    National Teaching Council ( NTC ) Official Website: NTC Portal For Colleges: NTC Certificate Request Portal ;

  2. How do I get my NTC certificate?

    Detailed Procedures To Access And Print Your NTC Licensure Exams Certificate 2020 / 2021
    Login to and click on “Result Checking”
    Enter the Serial Number and PIN on the voucher payment receipt given to you at the bank during the registration process, to login.

  3. What is NTC in Ghana?

    The National Teaching Council is mandated by the Education Act 2008 (Act 778), Section 9 to improve professional standing and status of teachers and to ensure licensing and registration of teachers in Ghana.

  4. What is teacher licensure exams in Ghana?

    Purpose of the Licensure Examination

    The NTC is mandated by the Education Act 2008 (ACT 778), Section 9, to licence teachers in Ghana. The purpose of the Licensing Examination is to enable candidates (teachers) acquire a professional licence.


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