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Nursing at (VUT) Vaal University of Technology

Nursing at (VUT) Vaal University of Technology


There are three Nursing Programmes offered at the Vaal University of Technology under the prescripts of the South African Nursing Council regulations under Act 33 of 2005.


1.1 BACHELOR OF NURSING R425: NURSING (General, Community, and Psychiatry) and Midwifery.

NB!! This is an undergraduate programme for students with matric and the following subjects as listed below

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Mathematics    4
Life Orientation    4
Life Science    4
English    4
Physical Science    4
Any other two subjects2 x 3 = 6 e.g. History, Geography
Minimum points for admission   26


MathematicsD  ( HG )                   C ( SG )
BiologyD  ( HG )                   C ( SG )
Physical ScienceD  ( HG )                   C ( SG )
EnglishD  ( HG )                   C ( SG )
Any other two3 X 3 = 9 e.g. History, Geography
Minimum points for admission  25

Note: F = 30 – 39%    E = 40 – 49%   D = 50 – 59%   C = 60 – 69%   B = 70 – 79%    A = 80 – 89%


Four years of full time study at Vaal University of Technology.

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Clinical learning is achieved by placement in health care facilities accredited by the South African Nursing Council, for General Nursing, Community Health, Psychiatry and Midwifery.

Membership to the South African Nursing Council is mandatory and proof of indemnity is required for all nursing students.

What are the functions of a registered nurse with General Nursing, Community Health, Psychiatry and Midwifery?

To render a professional service based on the knowledge, skills, professional thinking, behaviour and attitudes to pursue their profession as nurses: general, community health psychiatry and midwifery/maternity care, at preventative, promotive, curative and rehabilitative levels. The nursing care is rendered independently, interdependently and dependently for patients/clients in health care settings at District, National and International levels.

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