Cost and Price of pepper in Ghana


Price of pepper in Ghana

How often do you use pepper ? Almost every day!!

pepper  play significant role in all Kinds of meal preparation.


Over 7 million pieces of pepper  are used on daily basis for meal preparation in Ghana.

How much do pepper  cost in Ghana

Just like any other grocery, the price of pepper  vary through the whole year.

The price of pepper  are also affected by the localty you find your self. 


pepper  are extremely cheap in some localities yet expense elsewhere in Ghana. 

Price of pepper in Ghana

Averagely, pepper  in Ghana cost between Ghs1 to Ghs10 per piece. 

A sack or basket of pepper  ranges from GHs200 to GHs1000. 

The prices may skyrocket or reduced depending on the weather conditions throughout the year. 

Price of pepper in Ghana
Price of pepper in Ghana

When there is enough rain throughout the year, pepper  become very cheap, however, with little rain, pepper  prices are seen Skyrocketing. 

pepper  are part of the farm produce you may find in Ghana. The local farmers take keen interest in pepper  cultivation due to the revenues it generates annually. 

Role of pepper  in meals

pepper  add texture and flavor to foods, either complementing it as the base of a soup, a rice or noodle dish, or whether they are used as a main ingredient.

pepper  can have a spicy perk-me-up taste if eaten raw in a salad, or they may be very soft and sweet when caramelized and have turned a beautiful golden brown.

Is eating pepper  good

Side effects might include stomach distress or pain after eating pepper . When applied to the skin: pepper extract is LIKELY SAFE when applied to the skin. Side effects might include skin irritation or eczema following skin contact with pepper .

Is Pepper a vegetable or spice?

black pepper is the spice, green or yellow or red are the vegetable (Even then there are different kinds of peppers like jalapeno, bell pepper, habanero….) Outside of America, pepper is the black powdery stuff. The spicy vegetable is usually referred to as a chili or chili pepper.

Is pepper farming profitable in Ghana?

cultivation of pepper was profitable as a farmer, I was able to generate GH¢1,500 from one-and-half acre of pepper within a month and was still harvesting.

What is average yield of hot pepper per acre in Ghana?

Presently, the average yield of chili pepper in Ghana is 8.30 Mt/ha which is far below the achievable yield of 32.30 Mt/ha (MoFA, 2014). Improvement in yield is therefore a necessity and needs to be pursued with all the resources it requires for efficient production.

How do green peppers grow in Ghana?

Growing Green peppers step-by-step

  1. When planting green peppers loosen the soil deeply and mix in fertiliser, manure or compost thoroughly and evenly using a rake. …
  2. Plant your seedlings about three weeks after the last frost. …
  3. Always water the roots, never the peppers. …
  4. Tie the growing plants to stakes to keep them upright.

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