Prince Kplorla Files Nominations For UHAS Federal SRC President


On Wednesday, 4th March 2020, Hon. Prince Hotorwovi Kplorla and Miss Loretta Oduro-Kwateng files nominations to contest for SRC President and Vice respectively.

Miss Loretta Oduro-Kwateng, Vice President Hopeful

In their bid to contest in this year’s election, Hon. Kplorla Prince and Miss Loretta Oduro-Kwateng made their declaration of intent at Defiat Hall. Below is their message on declaration of intent.

“Fellow Students and Advocates of the interest of UHAS students, it is with joy that we write this message as the SRC is once again confronted with a task of choosing competent hands to steer its affairs for the 2020/2021 academic year.


As rightly posited by Harry Truman that “men make history and not the other way round. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous and skilful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better”.

The challenges that confront the SRC, kept us thinking for months of how we can help project and advance the agenda of the SRC and the capacity in which we should SERVE. These decisions as you know should not be made on the basis of SELF INTEREST or otherwise, but on the basis of an innate passion to serve to advance the Agenda of this SRC.

Hence, before we fully committed ourselves to this race, we needed to be sure it was right for us and more importantly right for the SRC.


So today, after thorough consultation, prayers and extensive counselling, we humbly declare and confirm what hitherto was rumoured that HOTORWOVI PRINCE KPLORLA and ODURO-KWATENG LORETTA (TEAM P&L) by God’s grace and mercy, hereby offer ourselves and capabilities to the entire students as candidates for the top-job offices of PRESIDENT and VICE PRESIDENT respectively in the forthcoming SRC elections.

UHAS SRC we admit just got better and the moment for us to CONSOLIDATE THE GAINS and ADVANCE the TEAM P&L AGENDA is now.
Indeed, the decision to offer ourselves and capabilities to serve students is not a wake from a dream. We have interacted with many of you in our attempt to find lasting solutions to the problems bedeviling the UHAS student.

We have listened to your concerns and must say that we are overwhelmed by how HUNGRY you are for a new leadership that will bring SOMETHING NEW and yet SOMETHING DIFFERENT in CONSOLIDATING the gains made by the successive leadership of the SRC.

In the words of John Buchan “the task of leadership is not to put greatness into humanity but to elicit, for greatness is already there”.
We belong to a group of few student leaders who have never doubted in the capacity of the SRC to rise above our challenges.

We come in handy as a proactive student activists with vast experience in front line student activism at various levels. We have in common an innate passion for students interest; believe in the manifest destiny of the UHAS students and it’s amazing what we can do when given the opportunity.

As a former PASAG-UHAS President and Acting CAMFED President respectively, we have no doubt in our capacities to lead the SRC in Advancing the TEAM P&L Agenda.

Comrades, we say to you on this day that even in the wake of the challenges bedeviling the SRC, we have faith and hope in our capacity to rise above our challenges no matter how HERCULEAN they are.

We therefore want to assure you that in the next few days, We are going to be engaging with every UHAS student, explaining our plans for the SRC and learning more of the CHALLENGES that we face, the OPPORTUNITIES that lie ahead of us and the ROLE each and every one of you will play in ADVANCING the TEAM P&L Agenda.”

It is going to be #SomethingNew #SomethingDifferent

Thank you!

By: Owusu Yaw Manuel
Communications Director of Team Kplorla-Loretta

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