Quest International Salary In Ghana

Here is detailed information on Quest International’s salary in Ghana.

How much are quest international employees paid?

About Quest international

Quest International is a network marketing company that uses the direct selling model.

What does Quest International do in Ghana?

Quest’s deep industry expertise includes services supporting OEM customers by providing comprehensive services including depot repair and refurbishment, field services, professional services as well as forward & reverse logistics

People who register with quest international are given a wide range of products ranging from weight loss products, food supplements, weight gain, life enhancement, amongst others.

How to Join Quest international

Huge capital is required to register with Quest International.


Duties of quest international employees

Quest international employees have duties, These include

  • Referring the business to other people
  • Selling the products to people who need them
  • Recruiting other people
  • And many more

Quest international salary in Ghana 

Averagely one can earn between GHC 1,800 – GHC 5,000 working at Quest International. This amount varies according to one’s expertise.

Questions People Ask

Is Quest international a network marketing company?


Where is Quest international located in Ghana?

There are branches all over the world

What does quest international do in Ghana

Network marketing

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