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Reasons Why You Should Study in Australia 2021/2022

Australia is one of the countries in the Oceania continent, it has a population of about 26 million people and the country is known to be the 6th largest country in total landmass, it has Canberra as its capital.

The largest city in Australia is Sydney, which is well urbanized and the national language is English with about 26 other local languages because Australia has no official language. Australia is known to generate its income and national revenue from certain areas such as; manufacturing, banking, telecommunications, export, and of course international education which it is well known for. Some of the well-known and urbanized

Reasons Why You Should Study in Australia

Studying abroad entails a lot of preparation and finances to cover tuition and living expenses as you stay abroad and study. Choosing Australia as your study destination is very good because Australia is very welcoming to international students and is a good destination for acquiring higher education. In this article, we have tried to outline some important things you would enjoy as a student if you wish to study and live in Australia as an international student.

  1. Quality institutions: Australia is home to about 43 universities all of which are well equipped with high-quality education and lecturers who are ready to teach and impact knowledge. The University of Sydney and Melbourne have made global ranks all over the world producing good and world-class graduates. Australia is known for its incredible education and it is a great place to study either for undergraduate studies or for postgraduate studies.
  2. Diverse study opportunity: in Australian universities, there is no limit to the courses available for study, either in the sciences, art, or humanities. Before you apply as an international student, it is important and wise if you browse through and understand the requirements needed for your preferred program of study and also the course options made available on your university website to get a good insight into what programs are available for study. Even if Australia is well known for its science majors, there are no specifics as anybody can study what they want.
  3. Working right for student:  not all countries of the world allow their visitors and international students to work while they also study but, Australia makes an exemption to this theory and the country allows up to 40 hours per fortnight while in study session and more hours when on school breaks for its international students to work while they study in order to support their living and study expenses. Some Australian universities also offer internships and small job opportunities to students in order for them to gain experience and also get paid.
  4. No language barrier: in Australia, the national language is English language which makes communication easy especially when you are a student from an English-speaking country. There are about 26 other local Australian languages that you can learn if you chose to, as you interact with the locals and explore the communities. The university courses in Australia are all taught in English language, so you have no fear of a language barrier and do not have to start learning the language of the country first before you commence your study.
  5. Easy student visa: obtaining a student visa to study in Australia is quite easy and fast because they have agencies that you can contact to fasten your visa application process. Upon granting you a visa, as an international student, you need a health insurance policy which will cover your health issues throughout your course of study and also good monetary value whether in the forms of scholarships, grants, or your personal funds which would be able to support your living and schooling expenses throughout your years of study.
  6. Cultural diversity: Australia is a multicultural country and so as an international student, you are open to different and new cultural lifestyles. There numerous international festivals which are held in Australia and make you come out of your comfort zone of things you are accustomed to and experience new things. The food there is also very great and there are tons of different and new cuisines to try out as your study.
  7. Work opportunities: Australia offers graduate visas which are given to international students who wish to continue working in Australia after graduation. There are countless work opportunities made available to graduates in the country and even before graduating, there are internship opportunities given to students to gain experience as they study. Different companies and organizations also come to recruit students who want to work after study in Australia and it is very rewarding.
  8. Wildlife: Australia is home to some rare and diverse wildlife animals from around the world. The wildlife parks house animals such as; koalas, kangaroos, crocodiles, Quokka, and others. You would really enjoy your stay in the country because you can move around, interact with the locals, and experience nature at its peak.
  9. Tourist centers: as Australia is a multicultural country, people from all around the world come here to experience nature and its diverse wildlife. There are different tourist centers to visit in the country and fun things to do also for students such as the local hangout pubs and beautiful beaches. The Australian universities are located in both rural and urban places, so if you are in an urban university you can go to the local areas to experience another lifestyle and vice versa for students who are in the local universities.
  10. Welcoming locals: the country is very welcoming and accommodating to international students and foreigners since international education is also one of the revenue centers of the country. The food in Australia is also very palatable with different cuisines to try out as you move around and interact with the locals. The country has some unique foods with the biggest being the Aussie barbecue.

Top Australian Universities to Consider for Your Study

Australia is home to about 43 universities with one university campus in each state. The Australian educational system offers a wide range of study options of over 22,000 courses and programs in undergraduate and postgraduate studies for international students.  Below are some of the top universities in Australia located in some major parts of the country.

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  1. Australian National University
  2. University of Canberra
  3. Australian Catholic University
  4. Charles Strut University
  5. Southern Cross University
  6. University of New England
  7. University of New South Wales
  8. University of Newcastle
  9. University of Sydney
  10. Western Sydney University
  11. Charles Darwin University
  12. Bond University
  13. Federal University of Australia
  14. James Cook University
  15. Griffith University
  16. University of Tasmania
  17. Deakin University
  18. La Trobe University
  19. Monash University
  20. RMIT University

The Australian government also offers graduate visas to students who wish to continue working after graduation in the country. Making Australia your choice of country to study abroad is nothing short of great advantage and the locals are welcoming to all.

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