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Reasons Why You Should Study in the UK

Reasons Why You Should Study in the UK

The United Kingdom of Great Britain is located on the northwestern coast of Europe.

The UK consists of four countries; England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland and the capitals include; London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Belfast with London being the largest city and its official or national language is English.

Facts About Studying In UK

The tuition fees in the UK vary from the different universities, while some may charge so much depending on your course of study, others may charge based on other factors. Although, there are scholarships that are offered by different institutions and the UK government to support international students who want to study abroad.  In some universities, there are career centers that help students to gain part time job placements in different companies and organizations.  The UK universities also do not make compulsory health care insurance as some other countries of the world which accepts international students. The United Kingdom offers free health care insurance for international students who are there to study for over 6 months.

Cost of Living and Studying in the UK

Before moving to the United Kingdom to study, you need to put some factors such as accommodation, travel expenses, and other living expenses into consideration, making a budget of how much you are likely to spend each week would help you to manage your funds accurately. Tuition fees for undergraduate degrees in the UK would averagely be around $17,000 to $25,000 per year and this is also dependent on the course of study because some courses, like medicine, would charge more than others.  The tuition fees for postgraduate international students, the rate is about $10,000 – $15,000 per year depending on the course, also laboratory research programs would charge more than a full-time degree.

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On average, an international student can be said to spend about $1300 to about $1600 per month on general living expenses and this may be more, considering the student’s lifestyle. Books, travel, entertainment, and other necessities can be well managed by the student according to your pocket size and budget.

In some UK universities, international students are given the privilege to apply for a scholarship whether as an undergraduate or for graduate programs too. These scholarships in a way help and support the students financially maybe in the partial payment of their tuition fees or for the general living expenses. The scholarship award can be around $2500 – $10,000. As an international student, you are permitted to work and study for an average of 20 hours each week with a pay rate of $12 per hour. Each university in the UK operates a career center that assists students in getting a part time employment, so there is no need of searching for a job yourself.

Good Reasons Why You Should Study in the UK

Studying abroad can a very challenging option for study most especially when you consider accommodation and other forms of expenses which you would incur as you study abroad.

Here are reasons why you must consider studying in UK

  1. Renowned universities: UK universities are well renowned and ranked top in the tables of Times Higher Education Rankings. One of the oldest universities; the University of Cambridge and Oxford is located in the UK and they are always ranked top. The educational qualifications from any university in the UK are recognized and accepted in any country around the world where you chose to work. A UK university certificate would always give you an edge in getting work opportunities in the future.
  2. Quality education: The United Kingdom is known to have centuries of quality and a high standard of the educational system. The UK universities are always ranked top in the world best and leading universities and the researches often carried out in the universities laboratories in the UK are useful for our everyday life and used often by the scientist.
  3. Different courses to choose from: the UK universities offer a wide range of courses and degrees for international students to choose from and study. From the sciences, arts, tourism, business, and so on. These courses are all taught by world-leading academia.
  4. Large international student population: The UK welcomes international students from all around the world and so you would always find a large number of international students and probably students from your home country in the UK studying as well. The postgraduate courses have more international students and these increases every year.
  5. Work opportunities: obtaining a UK student visa automatically allows international students to work and study. They are permitted to work about 20 hours each week and full time when on school breaks. The United Kingdom also operates a minimum wage which comes with an hourly pay rate.
  6. Free health care: the UK government allows international students studying for more than six months to have a free health care program. This makes the universities in the country different from other countries, where international students have to get a health insurance policy to be able to cover up their clinical and health-related expenses. From emergency health care attention to surgeries, the United Kingdom takes care of all the expenses for its students and international students alike.
  7. Cultural diversity: the United Kingdom is very welcoming to people of a different country, tribe, or religion. The country’s culture is rich and diversified which makes foreigners feel at home and welcomed. There are also different places of worship and no obstruction in allowing people to practice their religious activities.
  8. Shorter degrees: most undergraduate courses take up to four or five years before graduation but, in the UK, there are shorter undergraduate courses which take up to three years to finish, two years duration of courses are also fast becoming popular. There are short postgraduate courses which take up to just 12 months to graduate as well in the UK universities
  9. Support for international students: UK institutions provide financial help to international students in form of scholarships and other financial grants. This is done to support students in their tuition fees or general living expenses. International students are eligible to apply for this scholarship before the commencing of the academic year in their university.
  10. Sharpen your English skills: the English language is one of the most spoken languages in the world and since the United Kingdom is an English-speaking country, it is beneficial to international students who can develop and sharpen their language skills as they interact and live among the citizens of the country. English language is not only in studying but is also made use of in the global business space.
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Among the three big study abroad destinations; Australia, the USA, and the UK, the United Kingdom is said to be the cheaper study option for international students. The country’s educational system is of a high standard which dates back to centuries before and the universities always top the tables of world best institutions.

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