Secret rules of WAEC exposed!

Secret rules of WAEC exposed!, Examination can’t be the only means of accessing academia status, 

Secret rules of WAEC exposed ?

Learning a chunk of definitions, formulae, methods, rules, etc for three years and using few hours to access can be quite scary and frustrating.

Over the years, the west Africa examination council has played a significant role in filtering graduates from senior high schools into tertiary institutions.

WAEC examinations are becoming more challenging as the years pass by.

To pass your wassce examination successfully, you obviously need to follow laid down rules Generally and subject-specific.

In this post, GHspeaks will expose you to some secret rules which Will definitely yield an ‘A’ for you!

Secret rules of WAEC exposed!

Note,  the information below is purely personal suggestions and has nothing to do with WAEC or any of its affiliate organizations. This piece is to serve as a guide to all candidates and potential candidates.

Number of Questions rules

Rules governing the number of subjects to be answered for each subject, sections must be looked at with keen interest. When answering questions, always follow rules governing the number of questions to be answered.

Make sure you attempt the exact number of questions required. It nothing when you answer more questions but it will cause your grade to answer fewer questions than the required number!

Again. For mathematics-related subjects (sciences), make sure you attempt all questions in the compulsory section to avoid deductions from your total mark.

Here is the trick, you were asked to answer 10 compulsory questions in section A and any other four in section B.

A candidate answered 5 at the compulsory section and four at section B.

Another candidate answered the 10 compulsories and only 2 from section B.

It obvious that the first candidate failed to follow a simple rule, yet might get more marks, for this the marks of the rest of the 5 compulsory questions will be deducted from his total mark. It simple, just tempt all compulsory questions even if you don’t know them.

Adding examples to your explanations

Another secret but somehow known rule is the addition of an example to your explanations. WAEC never states mark allocations for examples added during the explanation, however it obvious you won’t get full marks for explanation without adding relevant examples, Social studies and other arts subjects really has this trick.

It simple, in explanations, just add relevant examples to accumulate the full 4marks or 5marks for an explanation. 

Got 1 in BECE and A1 in wassce ( Social studies) with this trick.

The Oder of answering questions

It rather, surprising some candidates still try to answer questions based on how they appear on the examination paper.

WAEC has no rules as to which questions should be answered first, yours is to answer the questions according to difficulty levels to you. With this, you can be sure of presenting accurate answers first which makes examiners work on your script with extra caution.

Good and visible handwriting.

For decades, mathematics examination stands out to be the most challenging subject talking about WAEC. It simply because candidates of the years failed to tackle mathematics questions with their understanding but rather work in haste for discrete answers…hahaha, most often WAEC present simple but tricky conceptual and practical question to candidates, critical thinking and analysis is required for candidates to crap that one concept and defeat series of questions, however, candidates waste time looking for figures as answered. Solutions to mathematics questions may even end up in algebraic expressions…which make maths just look dynamic.


(1) Where a candidate, in contravention of the instructions to candidates, writes with pencil instead of ink or shades with ink instead of pencil, his/her entire results shall be withheld pending cancellation of his/her results for the subject concerned by the appropriate Committee of Council.

(2) Where a candidate fails to complete the cover page of his/her answer booklet as specified in the instructions, his/her entire results shall be withheld pending cancellation of his/her results for the subject concerned by the appropriate Committee of Council.

Yours is to follow the rules, present solutions the way you understand them thus all!

Disclaimer For Readers

We advise you to do more research before using the information on this blog for decision-making. Read More


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