JUST IN:SLTF Confirms Date For The Payment Of August Allowance

The early chapter of the month August, 2020 started so well for few individuals but it is going to be better for all of us all especially the current three batches of Teacher Trainees in the Colleges of Education, Ghana.

Even after spotting the visible headline of this article, one may still ask, what is pushing me to make the above assertion? Continue reading and I am going to shock at the latter part of the article.

As the branch Campus Journalist for the Western-Central Sector Colleges of Education, nothing motivated me this morning to contact the Students Loan Trust Fund, Ghana making enquires on the disbursement of August Allowance.

The Students Loan Trust Fund, is an independent body mandated by law and responsible for the monthly payment/disbursement of allowance to both teachers and nurses trainees across Ghana.

For the past three months(May, June, July), the body has perfectly executed their mandates by putting financial smiles, let me say it like that, on the faces of both ugly and beautiful bonafide beneficiaries of the Akuffo-Addo’s restored allowance.

Today August, 25, 2020, the Students Loan Trust Fund, Ghana has confirmed date, if not specific, for the disbursement/payment of Trainees Allowance. This will be the last payment for the second semester of the 2019/2020 Academic year of our Lord.

The below screenshotted WhatsApp chat this morning indicates that, Trainees are likely to receive payment today or before August, 29, 2020. Is this not a good news to all concern? If it is, then fast grab your E-zwich card and go and stand at the door of any financial institution

SLTF Confirms Date For The Payment Of August Allowance
SLTF Confirms Date For The Payment Of August Allowance

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