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Here are steps to SSNIT Registration

SSNIT Registration

The first thing to be done is to visit the SSNIT offices and opening a Pension Savings Account’ in your name at the SSNIT near your home district or Municipality.

After identifying yourself to the administrator you will be given a form to fill, and attach all the necessary documents including a current passport photo, sign and submit the form to the SSNIT officer at the counter. The Pension account will be opened and a saving account number and SSNIT card will be handed over to you.

You may change the employer and workplace but the individual account will remain with you throughout your lifetime.

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Membership of the SSNIT Scheme is open to all workers in Ghana except officers and men of the Ghana Armed Forces and any other person who is expressly exempted by law. The scheme is also optional for the self-employed.

These income earners, having signed on to the scheme, together with their employers, contribute 17.5 percent of their declared monthly incomes to a common fund, the Social Security Fund.

Contributions and returns on investments so received into the fund are then used to provide for members who fall due for benefits as prescribed by PNDC Law 247 (the legal framework by which the scheme operates) and general costs incurred in administering the scheme.

In return, contributors are rewarded with life-long part replacement of their lost incomes in the form of monthly guaranteed pensions when they grow old or are declared permanently incapacitated (by qualified health personnel) and in both cases, are unable to work to earn incomes anymore.

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Required Documents For SSNIT Registration

i). Letter from Employer (recommendation letter)

ii). valid ID

iii). Pension Savings Account number

iv). Birth certificate to prove age

v). National Identification card

vi) Details of your home Address

vii). Address of the employer.

Eligibility For Registering SSNIT, Social Security And National Insurance Trust

The social security scheme applies to,

(a) every employer and to each worker employed by its establishment;

(b) any other employer, worker and self-employed to whom the Social Security Act, 1991 (P.N.D.C.L. 247) applied immediately before the commencement of this Act, and

(c)self-employed persons, who opt to join the social security scheme.

Where a member has ceased to be employed, that member may continue to pay a monthly contribution at the rate of thirteen and half per centum of that members declared income or salary

The minimum age at which a person may join the social security scheme is fifteen years and the maximum age is forty-five years.

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The Ghanaian law makes it mandatory for all workers and employers to contribute certain percentage ie Employers – 13% of workers basic salary, while workers- 5.5% of workers basic salary.

All workers are required by law to contribute certain percentage on their basic salary.

Required Information For SSNIT Registration

i)Full names,

ii)date of birth,

iii)address of residence,

iv)phone number,

v)parents details,

vi)details of biological children and spouses


,viii)place of origin,

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