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How To Apply For Student Loan In Ghana

Student Loan In Ghana

The Process for applying for a Student loan Scheme is as follows

Student Loan In Ghana

After the social security and National insurance Trust running an advert in the local Newspaper, District notice boards, radio stations, and Television. For the Loan Application Documents to be obtained from the nearest SSNIT District Office.

Step 1: Collection of Loan Application Documents from SSNIT District Offices :

Eligible Newly admitted students will be required to produce Admission Letters; while continuing students applying for the first time or otherwise will be required to produce valid Student Identity Cards. Applicants are also required to produce valid Social Security Numbers before the Documents could be collected Each applicant is required to submit all duly completed Loan Application Documents to designated SSNIT District Offices assigned to their respective Institutions not later than two (2)months after the academic year has begun.

Step 2: Present a valid social Number to the SSNIT officer

All Loan applicants are expected to possess valid Social Security Numbers.You should get the complete details of your social Number prior to applying for student loans so that you may process your loan and easily be identified. Prospective students without Social Security Numbers are required to contact the nearest SSNIT District Office with evidence of birth (eg. Birth/Baptismal Certificate) to be issued with Social Security Numbers.

Step 3 Pick the application form and fill up to the end

Answer every question, even if it does not apply to your situation. If an answer or the whole application is considered incomplete by SSNIT, the application may be returned or refused. If you do not have an answer to a question, and there are no instructions for it on the form or in the Instruction Guide, write not applicable or N/A in the space provided. That shows you have read and filled out the form fully. To apply for these loans. It is also imperative to be a Ghanaian citizen in order to be enrolled in a student loan program and to get a student loan successfully.

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Step 4 : Look for Guarantors Endorsement on your Application form

Three (3) guarantors shall be required to endorse (sign and thumbprint) the duly completed loan documents. The thumb-printing shall be done at the nearest SSNIT District Office during working hours. Guarantors and the respective students must personally know each other. Guarantops to NoteA Students Loan Guarantor musti) Be a contributor to the Social Security Scheme and must have contributed for not less than five (5) years;ii) Know the student he/she guarantees for very well;iii) Ensure that all students guaranteed for have repaid their loans or made satisfactory arrangements for settlement of the loans prior to applying for any benefit under the Social Security Scheme;iv) Not guarantee for a student if he/she (the guarantor) is a borrower who has not completed repayment.

Step 5 : Open an Active Bank Account

Loan applicants are required to operate an active bank account with any bank of their choice around their campuses and indicate their valid account numbers on their loan application forms.

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Step 6 : Visit the Institutional you expect to carry out your studies for Endorsement

Appropriate authorities of the respective institutions, (as indicated on the application form) shall authenticate the completed application form with name, signature and stamp of the institution.

Step 7 : attach 2 Passport-sized Photographs

First time applicants shall be required to attach two (2) duly endorsed recent passport-sized photographs, to the completed application form before submission.

Step 8 : Submit your application with all the required document.After selection, the Board shall allocate a student loan identification numbers to each approved applicantNote

Pental Action Under PNDCL 276

  • If any borrower fails to pay any sum due and payable under the Scheme, the Trust may take legal proceedings to recover it.
  • Notwithstanding anything in the Law or in any agreement, where a non-contributor without lawful excuses (proof of which will be on him/her) falls in arrears with instalments of repayments for more than six consecutive months, the whole or the remainder of the loan shall become due and payable and the Trust may take legal action to recover it.
  • Any employer who is required to deduct any sum from the remuneration of a non-contributor and pay the sum to the Trust, shall be sued by the Trust for the recovery from him/her of any sums which he/she has failed to deduct and pay.

Non-Exempt Status of Borrowers

Any borrower who either:i) Fails to obtain employment on completion of his/her course of study; orii) Leaves the institution without obtaining a qualification; oriii) Dies before repayment of the loan,

shall remain indebted to the Trust to the extent of any unpaid loan and the Trust may take such legal proceedings as it considers necessary to recover the loan.Advertisement

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Documents Needed for Student Loan Application

i) Copies of previous Academic documentsii) A copy of an admission letter from the institution of higher education.iii) A copy of a document identifying the applicant:iv) Three recent passport photographs.v) Chart of prescribed fees. .vi) Active Bank Account Number.

Office Locations & Contacts Student Loan Sceme

Social Security & National Insurance Trust

SSNIT Contact Information


Postal Address: P.O. Box MB.149, Ministries, Accra – Ghana

Tel : (0302) 667731,667736, 668664, 668665, 668669,668671, 668672, 668673 & 668675

Fax : (0302) 662226, 667746, 669681

Contact Center : (0302) 611 622

Email : [email protected]

Website: or

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