T-TEL To Launch Microsite Hub For B.ed Students

T-tel to launch B.ed program resource hub microsite for students teachers in Ghana

Transforming Teacher Education and Learning (T-TEL) is set to launch a program resource hub Microsite for student teachers in the Colleges of Education across the country

The program (Home resource hub) would contain all course materials for both B. Ed level 100 and 200 students of Colleges of Education. The microsite would also contain sections
for the five public universities.

Student teachers would be able to open the section of the Universities to which their Colleges have been affiliated, and have access to the course resources of the various Bachelor of Education courses.

The microsite also contains an interactive feature where student teachers from colleges of education can ask and direct their questions to specific tutors on the platform of which they might receive immediately
feedback or later.

T-TEL To Launch Microsite Hub For B.ed Students

The site is responsive and can be accessed on phones, laptops, and other related devices.

Hopefully, the platform would be launched in the latter part of the month
April 2020 Generally, this microsite is to help trainee teachers continue with their academic work amidst the
temporary closure of all schools and educational institutions.

(T-TEL) I.e Transforming Teacher Education and Learning in Ghana is a six-year government
the program, aided by United Kingdom aid, to enable all graduates to be inspirational, deliver high-quality lessons to ensure effective teaching and learning in schools.

T -TEL works with the
Ministry of Education, its regulatory agencies to strengthen pre-service teacher education in Ghana and to support the implementation of the Bachelor in Education (B.Ed) degree in all 46 colleges of education and other educational institutions in the country.

T-TEL an organization that receives financial support from the United Kingdom aid to ensure (G-PASS) I.e Girls participatory students success program that is managed by Cambridge Education.

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