Tema International School Online Application

Tema International School Online Application

Admissions Update: 18 April, 2021

Thank you for your interest in Tema International School.

As previously indicated on 1 December 2020, admission places are very limited again for 2021/2022.

Tema International School Online Application

As at 7/4/21, admissions for the Main Campus, Grades 7-12 have CLOSED for 2021/2022 for girls. However, there are limited vacancies available for boys in Grades 7-9 and 11.


 For the Primary School Campus, admission tours and interviews will commence after 12 April. Again, places are strictly limited so admission applications should be completed by 11 April.

Kinder 1 (3 years old)99
Kinder 2 (4 years old)46
Kinder 3 (5 years old)77
Grade 1 (6 years old)20
Grade 2 (7 years old)30
Grade 3 (8 years old)23
Grade 4 (9 years old)00
Grade 5 (10 years old)13
Grade 6 (11 years old)03
Tema International School Online Application


• There are obviously strictly limited vacancies for August 2021

• Interviews and offers will commence in April.

• Apply online at: https://tis.openapply.com 

• Request a tour of the Primary School Campus.

• On completion of applications, interviews will be conducted.

Disclaimer For Readers

We advise you to do more research before using the information on this blog for decision-making. Read More

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