Top 10 Must-Have Applications for Every Students’ Phone

You stare at your Smartphone’s screen while you are travelling on a cab. You’re stuck to it during a lecture. You even take it to the loo with you and your Smartphone is your companion in the morning likewise, it is also your playmate at night before going to sleep.

The two highly used platforms iOS and Android platforms offer a huge number of enticing applications, which make it difficult for you to put your Smartphone down most times, for a second. Indeed, an incredible 25 billion applications were downloaded on iOS and 50 billion on Android in the year 2015 as indicated by the information disclosed by Apple and Google. Facebook was the application that was used by Millennials the most (21% as per comScore – a promoting organization), and gaze what! That includes you.

It is now clear why you think your Smartphone is a distraction and applications like Facebook are drawing you away from your books. Let me tell you a mystery now: not only will your Smartphone help you with concentrating better, yet it can also help you with dealing with your student life. Your duty is simply to download the right applications.

Top 10 Must-Have Applications for Every Students’ Phone

Top 10 Must-Have Applications for Every Students’ Phone
Top 10 Must-Have Applications for Every Students’ Phone

Fortunately, we have listed out must-have student apps for you right here.

  1. BenchPrep

Preparing for your yearly assessments and unsure about whether your preparation is good enough to pass the assessment? Relax, its not something to worry about. BenchPrep has set everything straight for you. This one of a kind application has been specifically designed to assist you with getting ready for both classroom tests and final exams. It is designed as a social media where you can interact and discuss with students of like-minded and step through examinations, share notes, and even revise together as well. In addition, the application gives you the option to follow your learning progress too.

Availability: BenchPrep is available for download on iOS. However, if you need something that takes a shot on both iOS and Android, you can check out Pocket Prep.

  1. Wolfram Alpha

This one has been known as the ‘Star Trek Computer’ because of its uncommon functionalities and a colossal online storage facility of data and equations. This application consolidates these components and creates an answer to any question you may have concerning your subject. Best of all, you will discover heaps of reports just as answers on different subjects, for example, astronomy, mythology, genealogy, and the likes. Sadly enough, there’s no free version of this application, and you should get it for $2.99.

Availability: Wolfram Alpha is available for download by both android and iOS users.

  1. RefME

No Student life is complete without loads of assignments. What’s more, no task is complete without referencing. Referencing is unpredictable. Luckily, RefME has your back. This application has an extremely basic UI, and you essentially need to use the camera of your Smartphone to check the barcode present on the reference material you have used to generate a programmed reference for it. What makes RefMe different from the rest out there that it is compatible with other reference citations too, for example, Zotero, EndNote, RefWorks, and Mendeley. Also, it has a Chrome built-in plug-in as well and works on your Personal Computer similarly too.

Accessibility: RefME is available for download on both Android and iOS Smartphones.

  1. Mint

Mint is one of those applications that work on all platforms, regardless of whether it’s your PC, your tablet, or your Android phone. This one helps you in dealing with your cash issues so you can easily float during your tight financial budget. It likewise helps you in monitoring where your cash is going and how you can deal with your funds better so you can have some cool cash left behind at the end of the month. Trust me; this application is a gift from the developers.

Availability: You can download Mint on your iOS just like your Android phone

  1. Scribd

Need fast access to the world’s lagest online library? Get on Scribd! This application will give you the option to use a large number of books and documents that will assist you with reading for your tests just as preparing for your Exams. Each piece of update or information that you find on Scribd has been uploaded or posted by users like you from across the planet, making it one of the world’s biggest information-sharing platforms. This application also gives you the consent to sort out and curate your own library based on the topics you select. Also, you can share your virtual library too with your mates.

Availability: Scribd available for download on Android and iOS. however, to get boundless access to all the features, get will have to go for a paid version.

  1. The Oxford Dictionary

Regardless of whether you are an international student, seeking after your higher studies in the US, UK, and Australia, or simply need to see all the convoluted terms your lectures use during lectures, you need a dictionary. The best one that you can install on your Smartphone is the Oxford Dictionary. This one is easy to use and has a simple interface. After entering the word you have to know the meaning of, you will get the meaning of it alongside how to use it in a sentence. This dictionary is additionally stuffed with a ton of different highlights, for example, meanings of uncommon words alongside their British and American variations, their sound pronunciations, and so forth.

Availability: Available for a free download on both iOS and Android, the Oxford Dictionary has a paid version too, though; the free version is good enough.

  1. TED

If reading isn’t the manner by which you like to learn things and wind up comprehending just as recalling things better when you are listening to them, TED is the application for you. All of the world’s most prominent and most educated individuals (specialists of their field, truly) share their skill with you through meeting conference shared on this application. From Computer nerds to business experts, from teachers to music legends – know the business privileged insights and all your projects and assignments on TED.

Availability: TED is totally free for its users, however, it contains ads. You can download this on both Play Store (Android) and on iTunes (iOS).

  1. Forest

Forest is most likely the cutest way that existed to enable you to give attention to your studies. It keeps you from been distracted by planting a virtual tree. When you open the application, you will be required to set a time for the period you need to concentrate on a job at hand (regardless of whether it’s doing an assignment or studying ). Once you complete your assignment on time, a tree gradually grows on your screen. However, the tree shrivels away if you leave the application in the middle of the set duration. All the trees you develop get added into your virtual forest, serving as adorable results of your accomplishments.

Availability: This one also contains in-app purchases like most on this rundown and is up for a free download on Android and iOS.

  1. SoundNote

Does your lecturer go at lightning speed each time he is giving a lecture with the aim that you can’t jot a single word down? Or you are not the type that writes fast? I bet your arm throbbed with all that writing and your fingers got morphed into an abnormal claw that is meant to hold your pen. Those days are gone if you have SoundNote on your Smartphone. SoundNote lets your record the audio that is going on in your study hall. It also has the option of converting the recorded sound into Audio.

Availability: SoundNotes is a paid, iOS-exclusive application for which you have to pay $4.99. Unfortunately, this app is not meant for Android Users, although, Android Users can try out voice recording applications, for example, Audio Recorder, Easy Voice Recorder, and so on.

  1. Wise Drinking

Your understudy life will be brimming with happening parties with heaps of booze. So forgetting about the glasses you’ve emptied in the midst of all the booze is very difficult to do. download Wise Drinking. This application will show the amount you needed to drink and whether you have to back off. It will likewise give you tips on safe drinking limit, when to stop a taxi for a ride home, and even inform you about the closest bus stops or taxi stand. Cool!, right?

Availability: Wise Drinking is available for download on both Android and iOS and contains no in-app purchases.

There are a lot of other applications you should try out too, like the 7 Minute Workout for wellness, MealBoard to eat well and Sleep Time to guarantee that you get a good amount of sleep. Not to overlook, you also need two or three gaming applications to entertain yourself when you are not reading your books. However, I recommend fun games, for example, Alphabear, World of Goo, Monument Valley, and so forth good graphics and knowledge-gaining in a fun way.

Get these 10 applications (in addition to the extra ones I listed here) on your Smartphone to have the smoothest understudy life ever.

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