Trainee Teachers To Sue PRINCOF Over Alleged Refusal To Refund Their Money

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HOW CAN WE CLAIM OUR FEEDING COMPONENTS IF PRINCOF STILL INSIST ON NOT GIVING US ANYTHING. 1 TTAG should sue PRINCOF at the court of law, trainees ( teachers and nurses ) are suppose to take a a total sum of GH ¢ 400, and then pay 200, to their various colleges for feeding.

But the delay in payment is the reason why the colleges are linked to SLTF to pay the 200 for them and pay the other 200 to the students, some nurses training who lives in hostels and feed themselves are made to receive the Ghc400.

It is undeniable that student have not been fed by their various colleges since from the start of the online studies and those of us who are affiliated to UCC understand that we are spending barely one month to revise and write our end of semester exam.

Trainee Teachers To Sue PRINCOF

SLTF have paid allowance for 3 months students are pleading that princof should take one month allowance for feeding during the end of semester examination and distribute the remaining to the students or otherwise use it for the examination fee, and what we hear is PRINCOF IS NOT REFUNDING ANY MONEY TO ANY TRAINING, I tell you to ttag and trainees are going to win this case if we should forward it to the court of law

1 If it is also true that PRINCOF have connived with ttag to Rob trainers then trainees themselves can Sue PRINCOF to the court of law, 2 can’t we??? Now the summary Students are giving TTAG and PRINCOF one week after our end of semester exam if ttag can’t settle the issue with princof (SUING THEM IN THE COURT OF LAW) then the students will, and if this happens trainees are going to dissolute ttag, no dues is going to be deducted from any trainee as ttag dues.


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