UCC Postpones Reopening Date For The 3-Semester Top Up- Check Here


The UCC 3 Semester Bachelor of Education programme is to enable holders of Diploma in Basic Education (DBE) to be upgraded to a Bachelor’s degree.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, online teaching and learning will be adopted to support the traditional face-to-face approach

The portal was closed for the online application indefinately and was set to be reopened. Hopes were high as the students patiently await for the portal to be reopened today Monday 26th October 2021.


Unfortunately, the institute of Education has again postponed the reopening to Wednesday, 28th October, 2021.

Students are adviced to remain calm and continue to wait.

Meanwhile some students opined and pray for this whole program to be ruled out following the stress and frastration it brings.


Here is a picture of the closed portal

The UCC 3 Semester Bachelor of Education programme is to enable holders of Diploma in Basic Education (DBE) to be upgraded to a Bachelor’s degree.

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