By | November 13, 2023

UCC, UEW graduates must not complain

Graduates from UCC and UEW (both regular and distance) have become very interesting in recent times. Anytime they hear that GES is recruiting graduates from Colleges of Education, they begin to complain and throw hissy fits at everybody and governments of the day, as if someone promised and owes them a Teaching job.

In fact, I know that after reading this truth, most of them will come hard at me and verbally abuse, but hey, someone must still tell them the HARD TRUTH, and if not me, Counsellor Daniel Fenyi, who else? After all, a friend who tells you the BITTER TRUTH in your face is always the best.

UCC, UEW graduates must not complain

UCC, UEW graduates must not complain
UCC, UEW graduates must not complain

4 to 5 years ago, many of these complaining UCC and UEW graduates were SHS leavers. Fresh, innocent, genuine, ambitious and EMOTIONAL. They were attracted by the flamboyance of big brands like LEGON, KNUST, UCC, UEW (against not-too-attractive brands like Foso College, Komenda College, etc). In fact, nothing would convince any of them, those times, to ditch a UEW or UCC for a College. In fact, College students are/were seen and treated as if they are second class humans by most of these University students.

Interestingly, everyone, at the time of buying Admission Forms, knew 2 key facts- (a) NO direct job posting after University (b) DIRECT posting after College. Everybody was and is still AWARE of this! However, these graduates chose option (a) but are NOW expecting the results of option (b). COME ON! Let’s get REAL. The world gives us what we choose and fight for, not what is fair! If you want a fair result, then make a fair choice! I thought it’s SIMPLE!

Point is, No government owes any university graduate direct job placement. This is a worldwide accepted fact. You can choose to emotionally deny. What governments do, at best, is to create avenues where graduates can “easily” secure jobs. And, in Ghana, Governments owe College of Education graduates direct job placement (almost as a policy), FOR NOW. This is a country accepted fact. It is therefore the responsibility of the student to choose which line to go at the time of Entry to the Tertiary.

Colleges of Education are now Degree-awarding institutions (not to advertise for them). Take advantage! When you complete, you are a professional teacher, you’ll be directly posted, FOR NOW. Aside that, even if you don’t wish to continue in teaching, a course like B.Ed English at the College can conveniently make you a journalist, communicator, PR person, etc just like someone with BA in English or Communication Studies from any other university. There are many other courses in the College like that.

In this current employment situation in Ghana, I won’t, personally, recommend to anyone, all things being equal, to pursue a course like BA Political Science, Human Resource Management, Peace Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, History etc. Unless such persons would love to go into private practice.

Sorry to all unemployed University Graduates. It is unpleasant to be unemployed. It is unpleasant to be 25+years and still depend on your parents for “chop money”. I am with you in prayers. However, I believe this situation could have been avoided or reduced 4/5 years ago. I feel hurt when thousands of graduates call me each day in search for job. Let’s reduce this canker with those who are about to enter. Share this piece with them!

Unemployment is a global problem and even more serious in Ghana. The best you can, at least, do for yourself in such a mess is to be careful with the School and Programmes you pursue. Some courses and schools are not recommendable. *Consult before you Conclude!*

Source: Ghanaweb