University Lecturers Salary in Ghana: Check how much they earn

University Lecturers Salary in Ghana: Several factors affect the salary of lecturers in Ghana. Some of them ranging from qualification to affiliated institution. However, we’ve provided a brief insight as to what lecturers earn on the average in Ghana. The actual pay might vary due to other factors, but it certainly won’t exceed the range provided on this page.

Often wonder how much they earn even with all their effort in imparting knowledge? The work of a lecturer is a difficult one, not only in Ghana. Be it a junior, Senior lecturer or even a professor, they should have a decent take-home pay considering their own contribution to the economy.

University Lecturers Salary in Ghana
University Lecturers Salary in Ghana

University Lecturers Salary in Ghana

The being said, we’ll be looking at the salaries of lecturers in Ghana. Just like we’ve mentioned above, there is a wide difference between the salaries of lecturers due to their ranks.


In fact, the salary increases as you move up the ladder of your academic career. Also, lecturers are paid according to their qualification and affiliated institution. That is to say, a lecturer with a PhD will definitely earn more than one with an MSc.

Also, salaries of lecturers in private universities are quite different from that of public universities. On that note, let’s take a look at the average salary of lectures in Ghana.

  • Lecturers in the lower cadre earn between GHC18,000 – GHC42,000 per annum.
  • Senior lecturers earn between GHC54,000 – GHC60,000 per annum.
  • Professors earn the most, and their salary is expected to be far above GHC96,000 per annum.

Lecturing Hierarchy In Ghanaian Universities

Just like every other profession, the academic sector also has its own hierarchy and rank. Just as their rank is different so is the difference in their salaries.

  • Emeritus Professor (Retired)
  • Professor
  • Associate Professor / Reader
  • Senior Lecturer
  • Lecturer I
  • Lecturer II
  • Assistant Lecturer
  • Graduate Assistant

University Lecturers Salary Globally

A new analysis of faculty salaries at public universities worldwide — designed to make comparisons possible by focusing on purchasing power, not pure salaries — finds that Canada offers the best faculty pay among 28 countries analyzed.

Canada comes out on top for those newly entering the academic profession, average salaries among all professors and those at the senior levels. In terms of average faculty salaries based on purchasing power, the United States ranks fifth, behind not only its northern neighbor, but also Italy, South Africa and India.

Monthly Average Salaries of Public Higher Education Faculty, Using U.S. PPP Dollars

 Country                 EntryAverageTop
Armenia   $405   $538   $665
Russia   433   617   910
China   259   7201,107
Ethiopia   8641,2071,580
Czech Republic1,6552,4953,967
United Kingdom4,0775,9438,369
Saudi Arabia3,4576,0028,524
United States4,9506,0547,358
South Africa 3,9276,5319,330

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