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University of Ghana Admission Requirements

Now that you have finally decided to get enrolled in University of Ghana the next thing for you to do is to check and be sure you meet University of Ghana admission requirements.

Ghanaian tertiary institutions Have a standardized admission requirements.

University of Ghana Undergraduate Admission Requirements

 The general admission requirements for getting admitted into the University of Ghana for any undergraduate program th freshmen n is A1 to c6

Specific University of Ghana Admission Requirements

However individual programs at the University of Ghana has its own admission requirements,  applicants are encouraged to check the various admission requirements for their choice of program before applying.

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Nevertheless, candidates who meet the basic admission requirements maybe giving other programs that correspond with their average gradepoint.

University of Ghana Admission Requirements Fee paying Students

 Applicants again have the option to opt for  fee paying.  Such applicants should be ready to pay more than student who met the required requirement for their programs and are not on fee paying.

University of Ghana Postgraduate Admission Requirements

For postgraduate students or students who are furthering their tertiary education at the University of Ghana, various admission requirements are needed, basically for most post graduate programs, second class lower is the minimum requirement check the tables below to get a complete overview of specific admission requirements into the University of Ghana.

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