University of Ghana Legon short courses 2020/2021

University of Ghana Legon short courses 2020/2021, The programmes will be run on the main University of Ghana campus, Legon, during the long vacation, normally referred to as the Third Semester.

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University of Ghana Legon short courses 2020/2021?

Here is all you need

Financial management

The program targets managers, executives, researchers, consultants and qualified students with at least a diploma in a business-related course. The working individuals require at least a two-year of working experience in their line of work. The programs also open up for students with at least a diploma in any of the business-related courses.

Certificate in software development

The program is designed to help IT, specialists and developers, in the software development sector with techniques and tools that engage worldwide communities. They also learn how to handle different programming techniques and also build on their leadership skills.

They learn how to design and code applications using tools and resources. They are introduced to principles of structured programming and object-oriented design.

Certificate in-network computing

Learners are introduced to evaluating, installing, configuring and maintaining computer hardware components and operating systems. They also learn how to select an appropriate network design.

They learn to solve IT system problems and the needs of an organization in applying troubleshooting methods. They also learn how to apply network safety safeguards for the organization.

Diploma in logistics and supply chain management

Learners are introduced to the new concepts shaping logistics and supply chain management.

Learners get to know how to handle logistic activities like inventory management, warehousing, distribution, and customer service.

The skills develop from this program are applied in purchasing, procurement, sourcing from suppliers and continuing the process of supply. Both for the large and small organizations.

Executive diploma in corporate leadership

The program uses a theory-driven and first-hand experience to give learners techniques and skills in engaging in personal development exercises that aims to test the way learners conduct themselves in the corporate environment.

They are also empowered with leadership skills to ensure the organizations’ objectives are met through the managing of business functions and driving performance in the competitive technology world.

The program targets supervisors, managers, corporate leaders and workers with at least five-year working experience in a leadership role in the organization.

It complements holders of Bachelor’s Degree in Corporate Governance and adds up the qualifications of workers.

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