University of Pretoria Humanities Master's Courses

University of Pretoria Humanities Master’s Courses


MA African Languages
MA African Languages (Coursework)
MA African-European Cultural Relations (Coursework)
MA Afrikaans
MA Ancient Languages and Cultures Studies
MA Applied Language Studies
MA Archaeology
MA Audiology
MA Augmentative and Alternative Communication
MA Augmentative and Alternative Communication (Coursework)
MA Clinical Psychology (Coursework)
MA Counselling Psychology (Coursework)
MA Counselling, Exercise and Sports Psychology (Coursework)
MA Creative Writing
MA Criminology
MA Diplomatic Studies (Coursework)
MA Drama and Film Studies
MA English
MA Environment and Society (Coursework)
MA Fine Arts
MA French
MA Geography
MA German
MA History of Art
MA Information Design
MA International Relations
MA Linguistics
MA Literary Theory
MA Philosophy

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