Vacancy at Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition (GACC)

Vacancy at Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition (GACC)

The Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition (GACC) is recruiting for Videographer / Cameraman to undertake video documentary of a Project. As part of the project implementation, GACC is seeking to engage the services of a Videographer to film activities to be implemented under the above Project and compile the activity videos for a documentary. The overall objective of this consultancy is to produce a video with high resolution that can be used in various communication platforms. The assignment will involve travelling to remote aforementioned locations.
The Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition (GACC) is a unique cross-sectoral grouping of public, private and civil society organizations (CSOs) with a focus on promoting good governance and fighting corruption in Ghana. GACC was registered on March 13, 2001, under the company’s code
Job Responsibilities
The Consultant will perform the following task

  1. Hold an inception engagement with project implementers
  2. Finalize the video concept and scenariosin collaboration with project implementers
  3. Present a work plan for the assignment
  4. Film activity implementation and related project activities
  5. Film short interviews with the Projects’ major partners, beneficiaries and stakeholders

Deliverables/Timeframe for Submission

  1. Concept on Videographer’s approach and detailed work plan for the assignment
  2. Present draft video documentary of the Project to GACC and key stakeholders for input
  3. Present a master copy of the documentary and at least five (5) high resolution short videos to GACC

Timeframe for Submission

This consultancy will entail up to 7 days of field work, including travelling, and 8 days of editing and reporting, beginning upon the signature of contract with GACC. The consultant is expected to complete and submit the assignment to GACC by 18thOctober, 2021.

Job Qualifications
• A proven track record of having undertaken similar assignment: producing quality documentaries
• Excellent technical capacities (state of the art filming equipment, preferably high definition) to ensure smooth and high quality production
• Outstanding videography skills
• Experience working with civil society organizations
• Proven ability to deliver high quality results under tight deadlines
• Team lead should havea minimum of five years’ experience in videography

Supervision and Reporting Structure or Arrangement
The consultant will work closely with the Project Coordinator and the Communications Officer and shall report to the Head of Programmes throughout the assignment.

Payment Schedule
The consultant will be offered a lump sum fee inclusive of travel costs (include travel costs, accommodation and food). The payments will be made in instalments upon outputs/deliverables specified in the TOR (under payment schedule) and upon certification of satisfactory work as per work plan and endorsed by GACC. The payment schedule is as follows:

• 30% upon signing the contract and submission of concept andwork plan
• 70% after delivery and approval of high resolution master copy of documentary video and 5 short videos

Submission of Proposals and Evaluation Criteria
Interested and qualified videographers are invited to submit their proposals, comprising:

• An understanding of the consultancy requirements
• Methodology and work plan for performing the assignment
• Team composition and tasks assignment
• Proven track record in undertaking similar work: online portfolios and links to video work/documentaries of similar work
• CV of Team Lead
• Detailed budget

Evaluation Criteria
The evaluation of the consultant will be based on combined Scoring method – where the qualifications and methodology is given 70% weightage and financial offer with be given 30% weightage. Only consultant meeting a minimum of 50 points under technical evaluation would be considered for the financial evaluation. Following specific criteria would be assessed:

Technical (70%)

Company/consultant background and expertise – 10
Experience in performance of comparable assignment – 20
Technical approach, methodology, work plan, timeline – 40

Financial (30%)

Rationality of cost – 30

Total Weighted Points: 100

Location: Accra

Application Procedures : How To Apply
Interested applicants should send their applications Via email to: [email protected]
State the position you are applying for as the subject of the email
Applications can alternatively be delivered by hand to:
Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition,
Behind Pig Farm Total Service Station,
Olusegun-Obasanjo Road,
Pig-Farm Accra.

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