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The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) conducts standardized exams crucial for educational progress in Ghana.

These exams assess students’ knowledge and skills across various subjects, preparing them for further education or entrance into the workforce.

Types of WAEC Ghana Exams

Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE): This marks the end of primary education and is typically written by students aged 14-16. It covers core subjects like English, Mathematics, Integrated Science, and Social Studies, along with elective subjects chosen by the students.

West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE): This examination is offered in two parts: May/June and November/December. It assesses students’ knowledge in core and elective subjects, preparing them for tertiary education or professional training.

The General Business Certificate Examination (GBCE) focuses on business-related subjects like Accounting, Business Management, and Economics. It’s ideal for students seeking careers in business or pursuing further education in business disciplines.

Advanced Business Certificate Examination (ABCE): This advanced-level exam caters to students who have completed the GBCE and wish to deepen their knowledge and skills in business-related fields.

When are the WAEC Exams Written?

  1. BECE: Typically held in June
  2. WASSCE (May/June): Held in May and June
  3. WASSCE (Nov/Dec): Held in November and December
  4. GBCE & ABCE: Typically held twice a year, in June and November

Requirements to Partake in the WAEC Exams

  1. You must be enrolled in a school recognized by WAEC.
  2. You must meet the age and subject-specific needs for each exam.
  3. You must register for the exams by the deadline set by WAEC.
  4. You must pay the required registration fees.

Cost of WAEC Exams

  1. The cost of WAEC exams varies depending on the type of exam, subject combination, and registration period.
  2. Students are encouraged to check the WAEC website for updated registration fees.

Prepare diligently for the exams by studying regularly and using WAEC’s past papers and syllabus.

Arrive at the exam venue on time with all necessary materials, including your exam permit, writing instruments, and a calculator (if allowed).

Follow the exam rules and instructions carefully to avoid any penalties.

Completing WAEC exams is a significant stage in a student’s academic journey. 

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