By | November 13, 2023

WAEC To Cancel Entire 2024 WASSCE Subject Results

The West African Examination Council (WAEC), who is responsible for the conduct of the 2024 WASSCE and BECE examination says it will not hesitate to cancel the entire subject results if a mobile phone is found on the body of a candidate in the examination hall.

The Head of Public Relations of WAEC, Mrs. Agnes Teye-Cudjoe announced this in an interview with Winifred Ampiaw monitored by on Friday, July 24, 2024.

WAEC To Cancel Entire 2024 WASSCE Subject Results

WAEC To Cancel Entire 2024 WASSCE Subject Results
WAEC To Cancel Entire 2024 WASSCE Subject Results

Speaking in the interview, the WAEC spokesperson noted that foreign materials are not allowed in the examination hall, she described foreign materials as anything that is foreign to the examination like textbooks, mobile phones, manuals of a mathematical sets, a sheet of paper, etc.

Now in the case of mobile phones, some candidates hide mobile phones on their body for others to transmit the answers direct to them on the phone in the examination hall”.

According to her, a candidate entering an examination hall with a mobile phone is a serious offence and is punishable by the cancellation of entire subject results.

So if a candidate took all the eight papers and when the results are released you will not get any result at all” MrsAgnes Teye-Cudjoe said.

The Head of Public Relations of WAEC furthered that collision among students will also force the Council to cancel the entire subject results, she explained collision as when candidates cheat among themselves in the examination hall by exchanging answer sheets.

She added that external assistance from supervisors, invigilators or candidates bringing answers from outside to the examination room is a factor for cancellation of entire results.

So I could be writing and then pass my unto to you for you to copy and also somebody will come into the examination hall and share something to the candidates,” she said.

The spokesperson said in the case of impersonation whereby somebody writes the examination on behalf of the original candidate, the entire papers would be cancelled.

The Head of School Examinations at WAEC, Mr Godfred Addo added the West African Examinations Council will this year use a fingerprint scanner to check for impersonation during the conduct of the WASSCE examination scheduled to officially start from August 3, until September 5, 2024.